What song are you listening to right now?


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Mai Mee Krai Roo (Plueng Payu OST) Damn this song is hott... makes the way I feel atm..

Mai Mee Krai Roo Loey Wa Chun Tarm Pid Luer Lai
Sing Tee Tarm Narn Marn Mai Jing
Yark Hai Tur Dai Rap Farng ..
Yark Hai Tur Roo Took Sing
Wa Jing Jing Laew Man Pben Yarng Rai
Chun Roo Dee Nai Sing Tee Chun Tarm
Mae Chun Tong Bpen Khon Jai Rai
Nai Muer Krai Lai Khon Tong Chum Tong Sia Jai
Tee Toom Tay Hua Jai Hai Khon Yang Chun



Mink - Hold on to a Dream ...... beautiful song... i'll be sleeping good tonight :)


Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder.... this song's the shit.... hahha too bad my Ryan doesnt Drum anymore for that band :(


sarNie Adult
---Gregory Lemarchal - A Corps Perdu :)

...there comes a sunrise with a song on my good days and this day i have this song is worth the sky painted with brighter colors at dawn when i start my day with a wish and a dream for my heart and this song *smiles and thanks my friend for introducing me to this music in the silence mixed with the music and my heartbeat*... ;)


sarNie Adult
---Brooke Frasher-Arithmitic

...it all seems so simple when tired eyes wait with weary heart before i sleep and daylight finds me with a single focus before life floods my senses and she fades as love does in the middle of the day... its still early and little sleep finds me and defines my dreams at first daylight...i'm so different...because i still miss someone i never really knew...