What will you do if you win the lottery?


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi AFers! :)

So what will you do if you win a million or billion dollars in the lottery? (or any currency of your country here) Would love to know what will you do with the earnings.

If I won the lottery (our currency here is Philippine peso) here are some of the things that I would do:
  • Put it in a bank
  • Give to my family
  • Donate to charity
  • Travel the world
  • Create businesses
  • Buy a dream house and car
  • Own homes/apartment/condominium overseas
  • Save it for future use, emergency fund
  • Invest in stock exchange
  • Attend concerts, WWE live shows and pay-per-views
  • Buy houses and put up for rent
What's yours? :)
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. : Lady Yue : .
Would be a dream come true if I become a millionaire or billionaire!

Seem like we have lots in common @Maricon lol

1. Keep it as a top secret if possible LOL
2. Hire personal accountants to help me spend it wisely
3. Of course share some of it with my family members, only those whom I hold dear to my heart
4. Donate some to charities that I like
5. Invest some in some businesses and stock exchange or create businesses
6. Put some in the bank for many reasons (my children's college tuitions & etc.)
7. I may retire lol & do all things I want to do
8. Travel the world
9. Build my dream house near the Pacific Ocean
10. Own many houses, apartments, condos where I live & in other countries
11. Buy my own airplane lol or helicopter (I will learn how to fly the helicopter & hire pilots to fly the airplane LOL)
12. Reserve a seat to travel outside of Earth LOL
13. Own my own dreamboat LOL so I could sail the Pacific Ocean
14. Buy an island in the Pacific Ocean
15. Give some for medical researches

Oh the possibilities are endless LOL!


sarNie Adult
Oooo if only this could come true!!

I would:
  1. Also try to keep it top secret
  2. Put it in a bank and collect interest to become even more rich MUHAHAHAHA
  3. Pay off my parents' mortgage
  4. Give them money since they've always wanted to build a home of their own in India
  5. Give them more money just 'cause
  6. Donate
  7. Buy a loft and a house
  8. Take vocal lessons
  9. Learn how to play the violin (maybe the piano as well)
  10. Take Thai lessons
  11. FINALLY travel to Thailand and Japan
  12. Go try out for multiple talent shows/auditions
  13. Attempt to start a production


C’est La Vie
1) pay off all of my school loans and continue to pursue a higher education
2) pay off my parents' mortgage and debt
3) buy a nice house
4) fix my car

UMMMM......... Put majority of it in my savings? Lol.


. : Lady Yue : .
Hahaha change age & name too lol, sound like you're a runaway convict or world most wanted person lol but to think again I think I know why you want to do these LOL...gosh but plastic surgery sound painful.

Fly to South Korean & get plastic surgery LOL change age & name & travle the world.


sarNie Granny
If I get plastic surgery, of course I'm going look different, therefore I need a new name for my new look , I want my name to be Asian Doll & with new name & appearance, I'll need a new age LOL , 21 or 18 years old , I be young again!! And I want to open up a man strip club^^^


. : Lady Yue : .
I was thinking other reasons but your reasons are legit ;). What I thought you just want a man, open up a men strip club will prevent you in finding 1 when you will be so occupied with many lol. If you are married then your hubby may get jealous :p.

If I get plastic surgery, of course I'm going look different, therefore I need a new name for my new look , I want my name to be Asian Doll & with new name & appearance, I'll need a new age LOL , 21 or 18 years old , I be young again!! And I want to open up a man strip club^^^

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
- Pay off house for parents.
- buy more houses and put them for rent.
- travel the world
- buy designer everything
- never work for the rest of my life.
- Pay off my house, sell it, and buy another one that I like. I like my house but I have a feeling my neighborhood will go bad soon so I wouldn't even bother putting it up for rent either. I give this neighborhood another ten years.
- Invest in the healthcare industry because it will never go out of business.
- Invest in global warming research because this world is constantly changing and if we can change it for the better with imminent results, why hesitate?
- Travel the world but not live a lavish lifestyle because I will never get the true experience if I don't live like a native if I were to visit a particular country.
- Build English schools around the world so that every child can learn the English language for their own good and the world's.
- Build A-GRADE homeless shelters for animals that don't have a place to live and/or treated badly. I will have the best and only staff with a passion for animals to take care of these animals.


sarNie Oldmaid
I'll add more to my list. :) Love reading your lists.
  • Migrate to another country with the whole family
  • Create world passports so everyone can exercise their right to travel with ease
  • Create different applications, programs and future gadgets
  • Take different language classes (especially Thai, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, German)
  • Go to Thailand, take up acting/singing/dancing/hosting/modeling workshops and work for the entertainment industry
  • Take up a Masters and Doctoral degree
  • Take up Engineering
  • Attend classes related to film/TV production, photography,videography,graphic design(ie. using Photoshop and the like),video editing, cooking, fashion design, entrepreneurship/business management, web design/website or fan site creation, etc.
  • Have a debutante style birthday party
  • Own a private plane
To be continued lol :D
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sarNie Oldmaid
  • Develop more streams/sources of income
  • Have my own clothing line
  • Keep it as a top secret (will only tell my immediate family)
  • Study abroad
  • Travel on a cruise ship
  • Buy more books
  • Lots of shopping LOL
  • Contribute to the medical industry for finding cure to various illnesses


sarNie Egg
I would
  • keep it top secret [from everyone except my brother and husband]
  • pay off all my student loans and debts and my brother and husband's loans and debt as well
  • pay for someone to teach my mom English
  • move to a gated community
  • create a trust that will take care of living expenses for my family
  • create a trust to take care of educational expenses for my children and my brother's children
  • put part of it into a 5 year certificate of deposit- set it to automatically renew and deposit monthly dividends back into the certificate
  • invest in real estate investment trusts [ because people will always need a place to live and I don't want to deal with the headaches of being a landlord]
  • start an IRA for my mom
  • learn more about finance and investing so I can make the money work for me
  • once I get my finances in order then I will focus on philantrophy