What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
The holidays are coming and my favorite part is PRESENTS! What's on your wishlist?

1. The Guess Abigail Blouse

2. Guess Kenley

3. Coach Purse



방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Every year...MARIO MAURER. lolol I'm kidding.
Anyways, I have a lot...but mostly Money. Hehhe :p


sarNie Adult
A laptop of my own. Apple Mac Book!
Piano Lesson
All of Bie's CD(except for "it's alright" and "Hug Album)
All of Bie's Drama(except for Hua Jai Sila)
SNSD photo book
Snsd's outfits from The Boys album


Staff member
a tablet... boots.. some moolas.. a JOB!
and some bonding time with the fam bam <3


I'm really hoping to win the $500M powerball jackpot...then I wouldn't really need a wishlist. :coverlaf:


sarNie Adult
that i be giving relief from my condition of PTSD(to many times deployed in a combat zone) so i'm better and able to shape the future for my autistic son,

Ps, money can't fix this only time and the good grace of god can,


My only xmas wishlist is to spend time with my husband and to be able to go see my family. Haven't seen them for a year now.


All of Bie's CD(except for "it's alright" and "Hug Album)
All of Bie's Drama(except for Hua Jai Sila)
Hahaha, kiabieluver, you totally r obsessed with Bie aren't you. But me too.

I want all the vcd/dvd concerts and albums of Bie as Well, I already have all of his lakorn's, but I want RAHR and KWHR the whole Thai series cause i only have them in hmong dubb and they cut out too many parts.

Next I would want to have money to buy it and to finally get to get away from my annoying family if possible.

Um, I want to get a piano keyboard to continue my piano lessons that i left off when i graduated.

That's pretty much it, oh, and i want to have a really sweet dream about one of my top five five favorite actors, Bie, Mark, Nadech, Ken P. or Porshe.