What's your favorite Ken-Ann and/or Ken-Janie lakorn?

Favorite Ken/Ann lakorn?

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sarNie Oldmaid
In my opinion both Ann and Janie makes a great koo kwan with Ken. Hehe however I am more of a KA bias. Anyways, he has played a few lakorns with both leading ladies and I was wondering what your favorite ones were and why? :) I'm not sure if Ken will reunite with Ann or Janie again in the future so I decided to make the poll now.

My vote is for Oum Rak because it was so cute and funny. It was my first KA lakorn and it was so addicting! The storyline was different and their chemistry was beyond great!!

For Ken Janie I choose RNHJRJ because it was one of the funniest lakorns ever. It was really cute and kept me interested the whole way despite the draggy scenes once they got home. But I loved it!!

Thanks for voting! :thumbsup:


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
^ I feel you! Ken and Janie make a good couple but Ken & Anne will always be the golden couple in my heart.

My favourite lakorn of KA? That's hard!! It'd be a tie between Oum Ruk and Sood Sanae Ha for me. Truthfully speaking, I thought their chemistry was equally amazing in all their lakorns but when I consider the storyline, characters and everything, for the overall I like Sood Sanae Ha the best. I say that because the minor characters weren't overly too annoying, I didn't find myself FF as much and I appreciated that the character weren't too stubborn to confess their love as oppose to Oum Ruk.

As for Ken and Janie, I'm still half way through KRLJ but I'd say RNHJRJ is my favourite because it was funniest and I LOVE comedies!


sarNie Adult
I love all other their lakorn together but my vote as to go to KEN-ANN 365 wan hang ruk the storyline is perfect this is a must-see lakorn for marriage couple. As for Ken-Janie I love RNHHJR its has everything my fav

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I voted for Sawan Biang since its the only Ken and Anne lakorn i had bothered to watch.

As for Ken and Janie definitely RNHJRJ, its the funniest and most cutest lakorn ever (miss Tua Phu and Vina). PSK and NNS were good too.


sarNie Tombstone
Ken and Anne for me is Sood Sanaeha cos I find it cute,funny,relaxing and I adore Anne
playful character, this is the golden koo-kwan in my heart :crush: :heart: :wub:

Ken and Janie I will say ruk nee hua jai rao jong I had so many laughs and fun when
watching it :coverlaf: :coverlaf:


Staff member
tough choice.. but it had to be Oum Ruk & Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong.. these were the lakorns that made me fall for Ken back then..

of course there's sawan bieng but.. i was still too craze for JLR during that time hehehe..


Expired Sarnie
I don't know. I like all of KA lakorns. They have great chemistry, great talent and great beauty. Each and every lakorn KA had has a place in my heart.

Rang Ngao for their explicit dialogue and great plot. You don't really need pra ek and nang ek to do lovey dovey scenes to make it a great lakorn. It is supposedly meant for how well a lakorn is executed. The actors and actresses are just a plus along with their talents. Their romance was realistic. They had a normal relationship, hold realistic jobs, and a kick ass nang ek.

Oum Ruk... although the pranangs were stubborn at fessing up their feelings, the acting and storyline made up for it (very solid). The ending was just a major plus and BRILLIANT! Every female just wished every man would treat them the way Rachen did to Napat when pregnant.

Sawan Bieng... Ken and Nampueng stole the damn show!!! The multi rape scenes was overbearing but it doesn't matter, they made Kawee really come alive, you felt hate him, yet you have compassion for him. Ken portrayal was just EPIC.

Soot Sanaeha... You gotta LOVE ANN!!! Another kick ass nang ek that doesn't get on your nerves.

365 Wan Haeng Ruk... the beginning was my only complaint, it needed more spice... and well the cut off ending too. Has some very useful advice about couples. This is not everyone's cup of tea, it is more of a slice of life genre.

As for Ken and Janie, they are oozing with chemistry as well but KA will be the "IT" couple for me.

I loved all their lakorn except for the latest one. =(


sarNie Oldmaid
^ I can't agree with you more Fun!! You explained it all. I love all KA lakorns too and each one has a place in my heart just like you mentioned :D I was just curious if fans had a favorite :)


sarNie Oldmaid
i prefer ken and janie than ken and ann, rak nee hua jai rao jong is the best in my eyes eventhough neung nai suang is on the top too.


Expired Sarnie
^ I can't agree with you more Fun!! You explained it all. I love all KA lakorns too and each one has a place in my heart just like you mentioned :D I was just curious if fans had a favorite :)
I just couldn't decide lol


sarNie Juvenile
"365 Wan Hang Ruk" for the Ken and Ann pair. I thought everything was well executed. Then "Sood Sanaeha"

Haven't completely watched a Ken and Janie lakorn. I'll be honest with you guys I don't really like Janie. I tried watching their comedy "Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong," but I just couldn't handle it. Tried watching "Kon Ruk Luang Jai," but the story line was just too ridiculous. Maybe I'll give "RNHJRJ" another try because Ken was gorgeous in there.


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
I love most of all KA lakorn but happen to love SS since everything about da lakorn is fresh and new!! As for Ken and Janie I love RNHJRJ da most!!! It cute and cute and cute lol


❤ BTS ❤
For KA Sawan Biang.
Ken Janie. Uh none.. I like Janie seen lots of her lakorns but not with Ken. Tried watching the funny one but gosh her character was so annoying.. I'm glad she took on RN 2012 can finally see her play nice for once


sarNie Hatchling
I think Ken and Ann are awesome actors/actress. But i honestly think/feel that Ken/Janie has more chemistry when filming.


sarNie Juvenile
I think Ken and Ann are awesome actors/actress. But i honestly think/feel that Ken/Janie has more chemistry when filming.
Really? Haha...wow that's funny. I'm not laughing at you or anything...just a little amused. Do you mean Ken and Janie are closer in real life than Ken and Ann? 'Cause I don't really know about their personal lives, I just follow their lakorns, of course other than the fact that I know Ken's married with 2 kids and Ann is with her long time boyfriend with absolutely no plan on getting married.


sarNie Adult
Oum Ruk and Sawan Biang..... most definitely. There will never be a better remake because the KA version was too powerful and epic.


sarNie OldFart
I have seen 4 lakorns of Ken-Ann.The one I haven't seen is RN. I actually love all the lakorns. Too hard
for me to pick but I pick Soot Sanae Ha. Love it. I've watched that one 3-5 times now and still not tired of it.

As for Ken-Janie,I have seen 3 lakorns of theirs. The one I haven't seen is PSG. I started and got to episode
2 but I haven't got the chance to finish it yet. But my vote is no doubt RNHJRJ. One of the BEST lakorn
ever! Same as Soot Sanae Ha,I have watch RNHJRJ 3-5 times and never got tired of it. :)