When a Man Loves a Women


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Scene 3: Glaum Ruk
Taking a deep breath when she saw him across the street, Gam parked the car and got out, getting ready to face Gun. He was staring at her from across the street as well, nervous to see how she'll act toward him today. With a beautiful smile on, Gam made her way toward where the guys stood waiting. Tum and Dome stood on either of Gun, whispering into his ear.
  "How you take care of it depends on you, can't help you on this." Tum said.
Gun turned to Tum pityfully as Tum gave him a grin and grabbed Dome's arm.
  "Let's go and leave these two lovebirds alone." Tum said as he dragged Dome to the entrance.
Gun swore under his breath that he will get back at Tum one day if he ever falls for someone. Gam saw that Tum and Dome were going away and was taken off guard as she stared after them, standing in the middle of the street, her mouth slightly open in lost hope. It was going to be easier if Tum and Dome were around when Gam was close to Gun, because she would have something else to focus on. It was only a few seconds when Gam snapped out of her thoughts. Gun had shouted out her name as a car came fast from around the corner.
  "Gam! Move out of the street!" Gun shouted.
All Gam heard was Gun's voice as she turned to him, seeing him running toward her. She was frozen in fear when Gun grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the street. Gam's heart was racing, but not from the car almost hitting her. It was racing because she realized she was so close to him. The tips of their noses were touching, their eyes met. Their breaths mingled with each others, both breathing heavily, Gun from worry and Gam from being starstruck in his arms.
From beside them, Dome and Tum, who had decided to come out to spy on Gun and Gam, stood clearing their throats. Only then did she realize his arms were wrapped around her tight as if she was his last breath. Gam pushed Gun away and hurried into the building. Gun looked after her longingly as Tum nudged Gun's shoulder.
  "Mae, can't wait till Dome and I disappear then take advantage of the girl." Tum said.
Gun turned his head to face Tum in annoyance, letting out a sigh of disappointment.
  "And Why do you have to interrupt me too?" Gun questioned.
Tum could sense the seriousness in Gun's voice, though Gun had said it as a joke.
  "Just wait till it's your turn." Gun said and went inside.
Dome watched as Tum stared after Gun.
  "Ow, what did I do?" Tum asked curiously.
  "Just go in." Dome said, this time him dragging Tum.

Gun found Gam standing in front of the camera, already holding a microphone. He came up beside her and reached his arms out to hug her, but she pushed his hands away. Almost tripping over the cords on the floor, Gun grabbed onto Gam's hand. Gam pulled her hand away from his when he got his posture back and stood beside her, smiling into the camera. Tum and Dome finally got into the picture as some fans took their pictures. Gun snuck a few looks at Gam and tried once more to hug her. She only glared back at him and pushed his arms away.
  "Gun, stop." Gam whispered.
Tum and Dome noticed the tension between them and sneakily nudged the two so they were closer to each other. Gam gave them death stares when no one else noticed.
As soon as the interview was over, Gam rushed to go to the rest room. She stood in the front of the mirror and thought about Gun standing right beside her. Gently rubbing her right shoulder, Gam blushed, thinking of his arms around her.  She thought about those eyes that looked into hers with worry. A smile spread across her face.
  "What is wrong with me?" Gam whispered to herself.
Only when she looked up to see herself in the mirror once again, she snapped out of her fantasy world. Quickly turning on the water, she threw water at her face.
Having followed after her, Gun stood outside the women's bathroom to wait for her and talk it out. He felt guilty for what he had done and it caused her to not want to be around him anymore. He needed to clear this up, because wouldn't know what to do if he can't ever hug her again. Gun let out a sigh of desperation just thinking about it. Finally he heard the water turn on and off, then the door opened. He almost fell back as Gam stepped out, running straight into him. In response, he wrapped his arms around her to keep from falling. When he saw the water on her face, he let her go.
  "Were you crying?" Gun questioned with concern.
Gam raised an eyebrow at him in confusion. Gun brought his hands up to her cheeks and wiped the water off, thinking that they were tears. Gam didn't know how to react to his sudden move. She just stood there wide-eyed and lost. Once again, those eyes full of worry were staring straight into her soul. Gam's couldn't control herself as her eyes redden with tears. Gun's eyes filled up with tears as well. It hurt more than anything to know that he was the one who had made her cry. Gam hit his hand away from her cheeks.
  "Why do you keep doing this to me?" Gam asked.
Gun half opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. He could only stare at her as his own tears ran down his cheek. Gam shook her head and wiped away her tears, before she walking away with a fake smile on her face, trying to hide the fact that she was crying. Gun ran after her as she ran down the stairs where Dome and Tum were standing waiting for Gun and Gam to come out. Gan broke out into a run to get away from Gun before she let herself fall apart. She doesn't know what to think of this. Was he just playing, the question still echoed in her mind.
  "Gam, Gam, I love you, I love you Gam!" Gun shouted as he caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her from the back. Gam managed to pull away and went over to Dome for help.
  "Help me Dome, Tum!" Gam exclaimed.
Gam grabbed onto Dome's arm, but Gun was right there and there was nowhere to run. Dome grabbed Gam's hand and handed it to Gun. Gam looked at him in disbelief.
  "Go and clear things out." Dome said.
Gun held onto Gam's hand, unwilling to let go. As she was trying to jerk her hand away from his, a bunch of news-reporters entered the room and Gam calmed herself down. She gave up and let Gun hold her hand, leading her down the stairs through the group of news-reporters and out the door. Gam didn't want there to be any news that the group had a misunderstanding or anything. As soon as they were out the people's sight, Gam jerked her hand from Gun's. Pushing him away, she ran to her car and drove away.
  "Gam!" Gun shouted after her, but it was too late, "Do you really dislike me this much?"
Gun let himself drop to the ground as he felt the pain from his chest as if his heart had just been pulled out of him. The tears came again and he was in so much pain that he could care less that he was out in public. It was as if his last hope had been killed, the last light died out and he was left in the dark.
  "Gun, get over it." Tum said as he and Dome came over to stand by Gun, "When the woman don't love you, you move on and find someone better to make them jealous."
Gun looked up at Tum in anger. Dome shook his head at Tum and let out a sigh. Tum turned away, deciding that this was not his problem.
  "It doesn't look like Gam doesn't like you," Dome said as he put his hand onto Gun's right shoulder showing support, "It looks like Gam is secretly suffering inside as well because she doesn't know if what you are saying and doing is true or not."
The words that Dome had spoken made Gun stand back up, thinking everything over. It got Tum's brain to work right as well as Tum turned to face them again. It wasn't the time to joke around with his friend's feelings, but it was the time to help hold him up.
  "This time I think it's time to go all out to prove it to her." said Tum with the most serious expression anyone has ever seen from him.
This new Tum really scared the shit out of Dome and Gun as they turned to look over at him, wondering what he had in mind.
  "But first we need a plan." Tum broke the silence along with his pride as Gun and Dome rolled their eyes at him.
They had thought that Tum had a good plan, yet in the end, they had to come up with one themselves.

Parking the car in the driveway, Gam got out and ran straight to her room and let out a scream before jumping onto her bed. Kicking her legs, she thought of Gun wiping her cheeks with his hands. The warmth of his hands were still on her cheeks. Realizing her foolishness, Gam sat up at the head of her bed and stared out into space, in thought.
  "Everything is going on too fast, what do i do?" Gam questioned.
She looked over to the teddy again. Every time she had worries she would always talk to it like how Gun had told her to do. It brought a smile to her face when she thought about it.

Tum, Dome, and Gun jumped out at Gam as she entered the building. She jumped back at the sudden surprise.
  "Happy Birthday!!!" The guys shouted.
Gam rolled her eyes in annoyance before smiling at them. They all rushed in to give her a hug. Gam tried to push them away. She was beginning to blush due to Gun's cheeks touching hers. If she turned her head, her lips would have touched his cheeks.
  "Enough guys, you can let go of me now." Gam said.
The guys finally pulled away. She stared at Gun as he and the guys talked to each other not paying attention to her.
  "Gam, I don't have anything to give you, but consider what Dome gives you as from me too." Tum said as Dome handed a package over to Gam.
  "Just you remembering my birthday is good enough." Gam replied.
  "Oh, and Gun has something to give to you." Tum added.
Gam turned to Gun, who only stared at her with a nervous smile and ran his hand through his hair. By them, Tum and Dome had left them alone now.
  "What is it?" Gam asked.
  "Um...come here." Gun said.
He headed out of the building and toward his car, Gam following after. As soon as Gun handed the white teddy bear to Gam, she smiled brightly.
  "Do you like it?" Gun asked.
Gam nodded and saw the name-tag on the bow. She picked it up and read "Mhee Gun", then she saw the other one still in the car.
  "How about the black one?" Gam questioned.
  "That's Mhee Gam." Gun replied with a shy laugh.
  "Ow, why am I the black one?" Gam wondered.
Thinking about it, Gun couldn't hold in his laugh.
  "Because you're dark skinned." Gun replied with a joke.
  "You're as dark as me." Gam said with a frown.
  "I'm a little lighter, see." Gun said holding up their arms next to one another.
Gam pulled her arm away. Gun frowned at her.
  "Oh, come on." Gun said, "I want to give it you for a present so you can think that it's me when you feel like complaining or have worries to tell."
Gam thought for awhile and was touched that he really thought about her when he gave her the gift.
  "And I can make fun of you whenever I feel like it." Gun added, making Gam frown again.

----------End of Flashback-----------
A knock at the door awoke Gam from the past and she got up to open it. Her mother entered the room and asked her what was wrong. Gam shook he head.
  "Nothing mom." Gam said.
  "Are you sure?" Mrs. Pearklin asked.
  "I'm sure." Gam replied.
Mrs. Pearklin gave her a questioning stare before shrugging it off.
  "Alright." Mrs. Pearklin said, "I just came in to tell you that I'm not going to be home tonight, I'm going to a party."
Gam nodded in acknowledgment. She gave her mom a hug before her mom left and she closed the door behind her.

Mrs. Pearklin gave a hands up to Gun, who was hiding in the bushes beside their driveway, as she walked out. It was 7:30 pm. Inside the house Gam had just finished taking a shower. She had too much on her mind as she came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. As she was changing, there was a loud "ping" on her window. She was home alone, her parents had gone out to an elders night-out. Quickly, Gam turned off the lights and grabbed the closest thing and slowly hid beside the window in case someone breaks in. Her heart raced in fear, what was she going to do if someone breaks in. Finally she rushed to her bed to grab the phone and call for help.
In fear she dialed the first number that came to her mind. Gun who stood outside the window, felt his pocket vibrating. He quickly took it out before it rings in case Gam hears it. Looking at the caller ID, he realized it was Gam's number. Gam hung up to call someone else since Gun had hung up even before looking at it. As Gam dialed Tum's number, her phone rang.
  "Hello?" Gam whispered, "Gun help, there's someone outside my window, I have a stick to hit him with, but I'm scared."
Gun gulped when he heard this.
  "Um, Gam, do not hit him okay?" said Gun.
  "Why not?" Gam asked, confused.
Gun tried to come up with something, but the crazy idea for him to serenade for her that night, didn't consist of this. Doing the only thing he could, Gun started singing.
  "Tur ja young ngai mai roo, tow tee roo keu chun ruk tur, ruk mun kong samur ma naan laaw..."
Gam dropped the stick when Gun stepped out from hiding beside the window. His eyes looked at her with love and sorrow. Gam walked over and opened the window to get a better look at him. She could tell that his eyes were teary and it made hers become teary too. Gun reached his hand into the window and cupped her face with his hand.
  "Chun mun pen kon baep nee, tow tee mee gaw kae hua jai, tur ja maung gun bap nai mai roo loey..."
Gam shook her head in denial and pushed Gun away.
  "Stop it!!!" Gam shouted, "Go away from me, I don't want to hear anymore!"
Gam shut the window in Gun's face and closed the blinds, then running to the furthest corner and cover her ears as Gun called her name from outside.
  "Gam! I love you for real!" Gun shouted, "I don't know how to prove it to you, but I just want to say that everything I say is from my heart, not a lie."
Gam couldn't help but feel happy hearing this, yet she wasn't ready for the sudden proposition. It was too much for her to take. All of a sudden, out of no where, someone she had been crushing on for years who never looked her way comes out to confess his love for her. She needed a break from all of this.


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Scene 4: Taam Ruk
Running through the airport, Gun made his way to the exit where they head onto the plane. His heart racing as if he was running for his life. Getting there as the plane took off, Gun realized he was too late. He ran straight to the big glass wall where you could see the planes heading off. He stomped his foot, feeling his heart being ripped out from his chest. Tears came to his eyes as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. Did Gam really go on that trip because of work? Or did she decide to go because of him? Gun couldn't help but feel guilty that he was the cause of this. Slowly he let himself slide to the floor as he watched the plane disappear in the distance.
Tum and Dome finally caught up to him only to realize that he had been too late. They just stood there and looked at their heart-broken friend and wondered what they will have to do to help out. Dome finally moved closer and patted Gun's right shoulder to calm him down. Tum stood there, half feeling like he's had enough of these cheesy (Namnao) people, the other half feeling like he needed to help them out.
"She didn't even wait for me to come and send her off." Gun said in a sad tone of voice.
Dome and Tum jumped about two feet back when Gun stood up and turned to face them with red eyes.
"Oy, it's not like she's not coming back." Tum retorted.
"But she'll be gone a whole week, I already miss her." Gun replied.
Tum shook his head.
"Enough, stop being stupid for once." Tum said, "If you miss her then just buy a ticket and follow her there, why sit and cry like an idiot?!"
Dome looked over to Tum and smack him on the forehead.
"That's no way to speak to a heart broken friend." Dome stated.
Suddenly, Gun smacked Tum hard on the shoulder.
"Ur, you are right." Gun said with a huge grin on his face, "Thanks for the suggestions."
With that said, Gun ran off back where they had come. Dome and Tum ran after him, shouting:
"Where are you going?!"
Staring out the tiny window at the ground below, Gam thought of everything that had been going on between Gun and herself. All those little things that he did and said. But it came to an end when she blinked to get rid of her thoughts.
"No, I took this trip to get rid of these crazy thoughts and get away from Gun, don't think about him." Gam whispered to herself.
She closed her eyes and leaned back, trying to go to sleep, but yet, even with her eyes closed, his image appears. Out of annoyance, Gam groaned and made multiple punches to her side.
"Excuse me mam?" the man sitting next to her said.
Gam snapped out of it and found a pale chubby older man glaring at her. She looked at her hands which were clenched into fist, they were on his arm. Gam gave a slight smile and apologized before turning away, embarrassed.
Frustrated, Gun walked back and forth as he talked to the person on the other side of the phone. Tum and Dome were dizzy having to watch him.
"Mom, call her to see where she went, what hotel is she staying at." said Gun, "I'm trying to achieve at getting your daughter's heart, this time I'm serious and I need your help."
"She had just gotten on the plane, her phone is off, wait till they land, then I will call her and tell you." Gam's mother replied, "Calm down."
"Okay, I'll wait." Gun agreed.
He hung up and quickly dialed the number of the airport. After a couple of rings and going through with the long system of waiting for someone to talk to, Gun heard the voice of a woman on the other side.
"Hello this is the airport; how may I help you?" the woman asked.
"Hello, can you please check for a flight, Gam Wichayanee, where is she going and when will she land?" Gun questioned.
"Excuse me sir, may I ask who you are and how are you related to Ms. Wichayanee?" the woman replied.
"I am....uh," Gun hesitated, "I'm her friend, boyfriend that is, and I've been trying to get a hold of her. I just need to know when she'll land and where she'll be going."
"Okay sir, I will check for you." the woman said.
Gun hung up and jumped in the air with a deafening "Yay!"
Dome and Tum jumped from being startled as they had fallen asleep waiting to find out how far Gun has gotten. They hurriedly went to him and asked where Gam was going.
"California." Gun stated.
Reading the signs above, Gam made her way to the exit of the Fresno Airport. She looked around to find the person who was supposed to pick her up. As soon as she exited the gates, a pair of girls rushed over and wrapped their arms around her. Shocked, she pulled away and tried holding them back from her to get a good look at them.
"Hello P' Gam!!!" one of the girls shouted excitedly, "We're such big fans of yours!"
"Hello." Gam replied.
"We're also here to pick you up too." the other one added.
"Oh, that's great." Gam said, "What are your names?"
"Mai and Selina." the first one answered, "I think we should go."
Gam nodded and followed Mai and Selina out to their car.
Staring out the window, Gam noticed the frost on the grass as they drove by. It was cold outside. Gam looked at the teddy in her arms, the same one that Gun had gave to her and she smiled. Mai who was sitting next to Gam noticed this and wondered what she was thinking.
"Are you thinking of the person who gave it to you?" Mai questioned.
Gam nodded in answer forgetting for a second where she was.
"Who gave it to you?" Selina asked from the passenger seat.
"P' Gun." Gam replied and looked up at them, "Uh, I mean Gun Napat."
Selina and Mai let out big gasps of air in excitement.
"Gun?!" Selina exclaimed, "We are so in love with him!"
"Can I hold it?!" Mai asked, pointing to the teddy.
Gam hesitated for a short second before she agreed to let it go to Mai's hands. Mai took this chance to hug the bear tightly to get every inch of Gun, then she handed it back to Gam.
"Thanks." Mai said.
"No problem." Gam replied, "May I ask, where am I staying?"
"Since we were the ones who invited you, of course you'll stay at our place." Selina said from the front.
"Don't worry, there's only Selina and I and our parents, no brothers." Mai assured, "we live in a four-bedroom house out at the farm."
Gam's eyes widened.
"The farm, how surprising." Gam said.
"Do you mean that in a good way or a bad way?" asked Mai.
"In a good way of course." Gam replied, "I'll be staying here for three days, I would love to stay somewhere that I can have a little peace and quiet, and the farm is the perfect place."
Mai and Selina let out a laugh.
"Yeah, you don't have to worry, because our farm doesn't have animals other than my dad’s Game Rooster and his hen and chicks, and our friendly dog Jerry." Selina informed.
Gam nodded in excitement.
Gun waved goodbye to Tum and Dome who stood at the entrance waving to him as well. He got the plane ticket as soon as he could after finding exactly where Gam was going and for what. Tum sat down and began to wail and Dome stared at him in confusion.
"Why are you crying?" Dome questioned.
"Gun is leaving us." Tum replied.
"He just went to get Gam back, so be happy." Dome demanded.
Tum raised his head to look at Dome.
"Oh that rights." Tum said, "But I'm still sad because I wanted to go too."
"Then why didn't you?" asked Dome.
"Because I don't have the money and there was exactly one seat left so I let Gun have it." Tum answered, "Just wait till my turn, Gun will have to help me out too."
Dome nodded to cheer Tum up before pulling him along to go home.
Gam walked into the room that the party host had prepared for her to stay in for the next three days. The walls were a pretty pink that she loved so much. There was a single bed with Hello Kitty sheets placed at the corner across from the door. To the side of the bed was a bookshelf full of kpop albums and merchandise. Gam's eyes widened seeing the Albums all stacked up in order.
"P' Gam, how do you like the room?" Mai asked from behind her.
"I love it so much." Gam replied, "But your collection."
"I trust that P' Gam will take good care of it because you are a good person." Mai said, knowing what Gam was going to say.
Gam smiled with a nod.
"Well then I'll let you rest so you'll be ready for the party tonight." Mai said, and if you would like to listen to the albums, go ahead, just put them back when you're done."
Mai closed the door after handing Gam's suitcase to her. Gam felt so thankful that Mai trusted her. Putting her suitcase beside the bed, Gam laid down and fell asleep being too tired from the plane ride.
She awoke two hours later and went to wash up in the restroom that was inside the bedroom. It was around six and the party was only one hour away. After showering, she got dressed and heard a knock at the door.
"P' Gam, come out to eat before we head to the party." Selina called from outside the door.
"I'll be there in a bit." Gam replied.
She put her hair accessories back into her bag and went out to join them for dinner. The dishes looked so good. There was Som Tum (Papaya Salad), Khao Niew (Sticky Rice), Moo Ping (Broiled Pork), and Prig (Chili Pepper). They enjoyed the food together. She knew this was only for small pay and she only accepted to get a break from The three trouble-makers, especially Gun who kept bothering her. This being a small party concert that not many people knew about, Gam was impressed with the Xiong family's kindness and sincerity in taking good care of her. She was so ready for tonight and planned to do her best to repay their kindness.
Gam put on her best dress and they head to the party hall.
On their way there, Selina and Mai kept whispering to each other. Gam watched them, curious what they were talking about. Mai and Selina caught Gam staring at them through the mirror and smiled at her.
"P' Gam, we also have a surprise for you to thank you for coming despite the small pay we offered." Mai informed.
"Oh, thank you." Gam said with a nod, now curious what it could be.
"You'll find out at the party." said Selina.
For the rest of the way, everyone was quiet. When they arrived, Mai and Selina helped Gam out of the car and led her into the party backstage.
"Just wait here, we'll go on to introduce you and then you can come in." said Mai.
Gam stood there as Mai went up onto the stage.
"Everyone the party has finally started. This party is very special because it's for our great grandmother who will be turning seventy today." Mai announced to the relatives.
"Great Grandmother has always said that she adores this one Thai singer very much for her beauty and sincerity." Selina added.
"She has always told us that she would love to meet her in person at least once and so we looked into contacting her." Mai informed, "Due to her kindness she has agreed to come here all the way from Thai Land to celebrate great grandmother's birthday with us."
"Every, please welcome the star of tonight, P' Gam Wichayanee Pearklin!" Selina exclaimed.
Everyone clapped their hands and cheered, half not believing that Gam was really there. Gam finally stepped up onto the stage, singing grandmother's favorite song "Mur Song Rao Dai Pob Gun".


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Scene 5: Mur Song Rao Dai Pob Gun
As she came to the end of the song, from the right side of the stage Mai and Selina pulled in a big box on wheels. She turned to look t them, in disbelief. They really did prepare a gift for her. Mai smiled to Gam as a familiar song came on the speakers. This wasn''t one of her songs and she was confused.
"Payayarm tum kwarm khao jai sai tah wela tee tur maung chun, mai yahk kid arai gern loey jon plaad plung."
This voice, Gam knew who it belonged to. She looked around for him. She didn't even think that it could just be the recording. Finally her eyes landed on to the box that was now right in front of her. Heart racing, Gam ripped open the box and sure enough, there sat Gun holding a microphone looking up at her.
"Gaw mun hen wah kwarm huang yai tee koey dee jai mur tur hai gun, mai dai piset gwah tee tur hai gub khao." Gun sang, standing up while holding Gam's hand, "Halm hai kid nun lum bahk, hahk young glai chit gun, Tae tur roo mai wah jai kaung chun sup son mark lurah gern."
"Welcome, P' gun Napat!" Mai exclaimed before moving to the side for Gun and Gam.
Gun smiled to Gam before singing again.
"Laaw chun nun sum kun kae nai, kid fun pai dai glai tow rai, mee ohgaht dai yeun nai hua jai tur bang mai?"
Gam was so shocked how Gun was standing right in front of her, singing to her. It was as if she was dreaming. It was just like in a fairytale, the kind of that only happens in movies, yet Gam liked it so much. She had always dreamed that the person that she liked would someday sing to her like this. Tears welled up in her eyes as she felt Gun's sincerity in his eyes and his voice.
"Gam, I have always wondered how you think of me, as just a friend or something more?" Gun said when the song came to a stop, "I followed you all the way here because I want to hear your answer, but before you answer me, I want you to know that, all the things I have done in the past that you didn't like, I will change them for you because I really do love you."
Now her tears fell one by one as a smile spread across her face. It wasn't so hard to believe his words now, seeing how he followed her all the way here just to tell her this. For once in her life she could feel that he wasn't just saying this to tease her. Gam grabbed Gun's hand and looked into his eyes.
"Gun, you don't have to change anything." Gam replied, keeping a straight face, trying to play with him a bit for all those times that he had teased her before.
Gun's smiled turned into a frown, afraid to hear what she was going to say. He was afraid she would turn him down thinking it was all a joke.
"Because I..." Gam said pausing just to make him more nervous, "I love you."
Gun's eyes widened in astonishment and his jaw dropped open in surprise, yet he was happy at the same time. He froze like that for a few seconds and Gam laughed at his reaction.
"Are playing with me?" Gun questioned, truly curious because Gam always turned him down and never gave in this easily.
"Do you want me to?" Gam asked in response, "Because I could tell you that I was kidding although I meant what I said."
A huge grin spread across Gun's face as Gam's words slowly got to him. He jumped up, giving Gam a hug and planted a kiss on her right cheek. This time it was Gam's turn to freeze in shock. He just kissed her in front hundreds of strangers who were looking right at them. She pried his hand off of her and turned away, blushing.
"Gun, everyone is watching." Gam informed.
"That's good, so we'll have many witnesses to our love confession." Gun replied with his cute voice, wrapping his arms around her once more and waving to the crowd.
Everyone cheered and Mai and Selina smiled from the side of the stage, glad that they could be a part of getting GunGam together. GunGam was a ship that Mai and Selina had shipped for so long.
"Sing a duet!" Everyone chanted for Gun and Gam.
They looked at each other and then to Mai and Selina, wondering what song they should sing. Calm and collected, Mai went up onto the stage once more.
"Okay, P' Gun and P' Gam will be singing a duet together then, let's have it be one of my great grandmother's favorite song." Mai announced, " Glua Kwarm Haang Glai!"
With that said, Mai walked off the stage leaving the two lovebirds to do their thing as the song came on the speakers. Mai and Selina walked over to their great grandmother's side and hugged her. Great grandmother's smile spread from ear to ear as she moved naturally to the song.
"Great grandmother, are you happy?" Selina asked.
"I'm really happy, thank you my beautiful granddaughters." great grandmother answered.
"What do you think of P' Gun and P' Gam dating?" Mai asked.
"They are two very humble and lovely youngsters who would be perfect together." Great grandmother replied, knowing how much her great granddaughter's shipped theses two.
Gun sat down on the Hello Kitten Bed as Gam closed the door. He watched her with such loving eyes as she made her way over to sit down beside him. Gam noticed his eyes on her and she blushed remembering how she had confessed to him earlier. It was already ten at night, but there was something that Gam was really curious about.
"How did you know where I was?" Gam questioned.
Gam smiled at her shyly because of what he was going to say.
"Because my heart led the way to you." Gun said, holding her hand in his.
Gam pulled her hand away and glared at him.
"You know I want to know the truth, Gun." Gam said, "Didn't you say you'll change what I didn't like about you?"
"Awe, didn't you say I didn't have to change?" Gun replied, scooting closer to Gam and wrapping his arm around her shoulders, "because you love me the way I am."
Gam sighed out of annoyance and rolled her eyes.
"I should've thought before I spoke." Gam retorted, crossing her arms angrily.
"I got place from the airport and the Xiong family's phone number from your mom." Gun explained, leaning his head onto her shoulder.
"My mom's in on this?" Gam questioned.
"Your mom is cheering us on, she wants me as her son-in-law." Gun answered with a laugh, "My mom also wants you as her daughter-in-law."
Gam couldn't help but smile at how cheesy Gun was, but he has always been cheesy and secretly, that is what she liked about him. She was about to say something in return, but the sound of gun's smooth and gentle breathing told her that he had fallen asleep. She figured he was probably tired from the plane ride just like she had been. Carefully, Gam laid Gun down onto the bed and pulled the blanket over him. He suddenly let out a snort and Gam laughed to herself, kneeling next to him beside the bed. She stared at his handsome baby face as he slept.
"It wouldn't have been so hard if you had told me and I had believed you earlier." Gam whispered, "then I would've told you that I have had a crush on you for so long."
"P' Gam, I loved you way before you loved me." Gun mumbled with his eyes still closed.
Gun opened his eyes showing his sleepy sweet expression complete with a warm smile. Cupping her face in his hands, he pulled her down and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Gam didn't pull away this time and just let him, slowly smiling to herself.
"You should go to sleep if you are tired." Gam whispered against his lips.
"I will if you let me hug you." Gun replied.
"Okay, only once." Gam agreed.
Gun stood up gleefully and pulled Gam into his arms once more. Using his tricks, he managed to pulled Gam down onto the bed along with him and wouldn't let go.
"What are you doing, let go." Gam demanded.
"I'm hugging you tonight." Gun answered.
"I said you could hug me only once." Gam retorted.
"Did you see me hugging you twice?" Gun questioned, "This was only one hug like you wanted."
Gam rolled her eyes once again at how tricky he was.
"And if I sleep here, where would you sleep?" Gun asked.
"I'll sleep on the floor." Gam answered, "Like always."
"This time I won't let you." Gun stated, "Just sleep here in my arms, it's way more comfortable, don't worry, nothing's going to happen."
Gam blushed at his words. Just the thought of sleeping with him all night made her heart race. Since he said that he won't do anything, she gave in and let him go to sleep. It was very late and she was tired too. Listening to his steady breathing in the comfort of his embrace Gam finally fell asleep.
The warmth of the early sunrise flowed in through the partly opened curtains. The pink walls glowed even a prettier pink being highlighted by the sunshine.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived in your town, gather up and let's have fun, woo!!!"
Gun sat up at the very familiar voice.
"Where are P' Gam and P' Gun?"
"P' Gam, P' Gun!"
Gam sat up as well this time. Sure that it came from outside and it wasn't just a dream, Gun and Gam peeked out through the window together. There was a group gathered around the outside deck that was placed below the tall maple tree. Just then and surely enough, Tum stepped up onto the deck just so he was a bit taller than the others to be able to look around. He spotted Gun and Gam waving and watching from the window.
"Ow, P' Gam, P' Gun!" Tum called out to them, jumping excitedly.
Dome finally climbed up onto the deck as well to see where Gun and Gam were. Smiling and with their hands clasped, Gun and Gam ran through the house and out the door to greet their friends. Tum and Dome made their way through the crowd and gave Gun and Gam big hugs.
"Why did you come here, I wanted to be alone with Gam." Gun whispered to Tum as they hugged.
"Mae, P' Gun, we gave you the whole night to spend time together." Tum replied, "I suppose it should be enough seeing how you two ran out holding hands like that."
Gun and Gam looked down to their intertwined hands and blushed. Tum and Dome smile pretending to be shy.
"Tell me it's a happy ending." Dome said.
"P' Dome, these two are so sweet to the point where I want to have someone of my own too." Tum said, teasing Gun and Gam.
Gam and Gun glared at Tum.
"Just you wait." Gun and Gam said in unison.
"Look, they're even saying the same thing at the same time." said Tum.
"Ai Tum!" Gun exclaimed and jumped to kick Tum in the butt.
Luckily, Tum knew what was coming and he dodged, running away with Gun close on his trail. Dome and Gam only watched shaking their heads at how childish Gun and Tum were.
"I'm glad that you and Gun finally made up because things were getting too awkward with you two being mad at each other." Dome said to Gam, "be happy with what you have now."
Gam nodded in response.
"I will, thanks Dome, although you are younger than Gun and I, but you are way more mature than Gun." said Gam.
As she finished speaking, Gun hugged her from behind.
"But you love me for being childish, isn't that right?" Gun said, cutely.
"To an extent." Gam admitted.
They all laughed together. Nothing made them more happy than Gam being happy and the rest of the two days they had left, they used to explore the city with their tour guides Mai and Selina.
The end.
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Awww what a cute and perfect little ending! Tum being Tum as usual...hehe

Thanks so much for this FF bieluvr! I hope you write more GG stories. I'll be looking forward to them~~ :thumbup::thumbup: