When We Were Young-Chapter 7 Update


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So as you all are aware, I am a huge Yadech supporter, the young Koo Jin have a very bright and long future together....But I have a bit of obsession with the recent pairing of Weir and Praew.

Therefore this FF is for them and their fans. Hopefully we get a reunion soon soon LOL. There's just that little extra sparkle with them especially on screen...

Here's a little sneak summary of a conversation between the main in WHEN WE WERE YOUNG

And Yes, "ahem" Sarn... I shall continue with the slap/kiss genre, attempted R but
willing......Here's to Morrosom Sawad Part 2...Enjoy!!!

Decided to give characters names for leads

"How you've grown Mushroom...you've finally come out from under the dark; those doe-like eyes, this prim nose, your lips and what you have hidden under all of these ridiculous layer of clothes, in which you mislead yourself to think that it can help protect you from me?" Wynn slowly grasped her chin and made Pralee look at him fully. Eye to eye, chest to chest, her breath caught in mid exhalation as he pulled her tighter up into his embrace.

He knew she didn't want to show fear but he knew, Mushroom, a childhood name that stuck, always feared him for no reason that he could ever recall. For her to behave this way in his presence was a mystery for him . The girl-child blossomed nicely, he was a bit shocked as well irritated by his own reaction to her. Almost possessive of a woman he had no right to, but soon the situation would change. Her family owed him, they were all going to pay up one way or another. With that he swooped down and pressed a punishing kiss on her soft lips, she reacted too late and he continued his not so tender assault on her...
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LOL , love those 'attempt', I can't wait to read. I need to go back & read & write fiction as well, I been lazy , so continue soon, I need to be in fiction mode since all the good lakorn about to end.


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Pralee crept silently in the dark, she had to follow her sister into the surrounding wooded area of their home. What was Arita doing up at this time of night? It was in the eve of Pralee sixteenth birthday celebration and she was too excited to rest her eyes hence at the subtle sound of her sister exiting her bed and out into the hall from their shared bedroom; she followed her older sister by two years, outside into the quiet darkness.

Pralee remained a good distance from her sister, wondering still what Arita's intention was at this so late in the night?
Then she heard another rustle of the bushes, was that an animal? Pralee had the urge to scream out but refrain from revealing herself to her sister. The shadow was that of a very tall person or a man it seemed to her eyes, now adjusted to the darkness. She saw the man approached her sister and they've embraced intimately. Arita was always the more popular of the two, she never lacked boys trailing after her heels since age fourteen and she knew how to manipulate her charm well. Now eighteen she was rightfully on her way as a femme fatale.

Pralee couldn't understand what was going on with her sister, what she was doing seem to be a betrayal of one man. Weir was dating Arita as far she was concerned and her sister was now in the arms of another man, face unseen. Praew didn't think she could witness anymore of what was going on between the lovers in front of her. She slowly crept back making her way back to bed, when a hand suddenly covered her mouth before she could make a sound. She was quickly picked up and dragged the opposite direction of her safe place, home. Struggling briefly but was released shortly, she looked up and saw the despair in her abductor face, it was Wynn. She hated to think he witnessed what had happened back there with Arita, although she was young but her heart would know the difference as it beat at a quick pace for the person in front of her. She didn't respond, she was always tongue-tied around him, unusually shy around him. Wynn was a year older than Arita but looking at him now with his discovered newfound betrayal he looked stressed but no anger marred his very handsome face.

"What are you doing out here so late at night, don't you know the dangers on these grounds, I thought to sneak off to see your sister but I guess you noticed too that she had other discretions to tend to. Shit, did you know I was thinking of marrying her after I completed my studies, what the hell happened? I feel so stupid chasing her and now look at what she is doing and with whom. Damn, get out of here before your parents start looking for you." He exclaimed to her.

Pralee didn't know what to say, she felt bad for Wynn but Arita was also her sister. She turned and started her way back home. Wynn suddenly grabbed her hand, he looked at her up and down and gently smiled. "I won't be around tomorrow, so happy early sweet sixteenth kiddo." He turned and walked away from her into the darkness.


Pralee jerked up suddenly then opened her eyes and becoming alert to the hysterics coming from outside her room. Looking at the unoccupied side of the room, Arita never returned to bed from last night it seems. Maybe that was why there was so much noise and chaos outside. She gave a brief moment thoughts to wishing herself a small happy birthday to me. Quickly dressed and ventured her way into the hallway. She opened her eyes in shock, what in the world happened to Arita, she looked bruised, bloody and worse for wear, she was crying uncontrollably and kept saying Wynn's name, what did he have to do with any of this?

It took less than three days by the time all statements were taken and the police completed their assault investigation, Wynn was the prime suspect in the assault of Arita, she had claimed that he physically assaulted her during one of their many clandestine meetings and that last night they were together it became violent. There wasn't much evidence to lay charges but both family resolved to keep it out of court. They were the top one percentage in this town and situations like this didn't sit well with them or improve their familie's images.

Pralee was devastated over the fact she remained tight lipped and that she didn't speak up for Wynn. She knew in her heart that it wasn't him, he was with her that night the assault happened, she didn't know the reason why Arita would have lied. Wynn loved her and she knew he would never lay a hand on any woman. But yet Pralee couldn't confirm either that she was with him that same night, other charges may apply to an adult male with a teenager so she decided to keep her mouth shut. The confession would turn their situation from innocent to something other than what it was.

The media had a thirst for the alleged assault in their town. This news was big for them, one of the most elite family member was a prime suspect for assault. Wynn always remained silent and swore his innocence but this day and age, social media deemed you guilty until proven otherwise. Only several months later did everything calmed. Pralee learned from his cousin Cynthia that he flew oversees and vowed to never return. With his broken heart and reputation as an alleged assaulter would cause anyone to escape this madness without a backward glance. She couldn't help but feel guilty for not speaking up even now but it would be for the best that he left and never return even though deep down she felt she lost the most valuable person in her world. Her birthday celebration turned traumatic with all the drama and the party was never executed. She vowed never to celebrate her birthday anymore, now shadowed with a dark clouds; with bad memories.
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Five years had passed and Pralee was completing her last year at university. She fast tracked and was able to complete a four years degree in three. For the most part it was an enlightening adventure with the academics. There was a budding romance between her bestfriend and classmate and she was the go between. It was always the good girl Pralee who helped be the chaperone for young love. Unfortunately for her own love life it was non existence. She grew up to be a tall and lean woman with average curves in all the right places but yet no one dared to approach her since she started her first year of studying business marketing management at the elite university. She was still extremely shy therefore due to that she seemed unapproachable but regardless of that Pralee didn't allow romance to be a priority in her life. It was landing a job at one of the top executive marketing company that was her ambition and they've accepted her intern application and she hoped to be given a fully paid position at the end of her assignment. All her professors provided excellent references for this high achieving student. She was very grateful for the opportunity.

She was was overly excited to start the upcoming week and anticipated her expectations will be met. Looking at her friends flirting shamelessly she cleared her throat with a mock matronly stern sound. They all laughed hysterically and then planned out their weekend for a day of food and fun in the sun.


Interesting, thought Wynn. Pralee wanted to intern at his company? Did she have any idea who the CEO was? Non other than the accused assaulter if her sister. That was a part of his life that he still held a bitter vengeful feelings towards Arita and her whole family. Whoever really physically attacked her was roaming around freely. The one good thing about people with money is that his family could fight a case that couldn't provide evidence, money was a non issue. But still his name was brushed with the stigma of his past. He waited for this day to arrive. Pralee just happened to be the first to volunteer herself to his vengeful game. He had her followed as soon as they forwarded all applicants for his approval. He wanted to know what his enemies were up to. His company was a highly prestigeous and confidential industry when helping bigger companies stay competitive in business marketing. It was a young company but its revenue ranked among the top fortune companies worldwide. He couldn't afford incompetence at his workplace and Pralee came highly recommended. Looking at the photos his private investigators provided showed she was no longer the lanky teenager but a tall beauty that competed with her older sister Arita's attractiveness. The girl he thought would make a good wife, luckily he dodged a bullet there. Marriage was not a part of his lifestyle. He kept it casual and brief, most women obliged to that especially when generously compensated in bed and gifts. Arita, he was informed was currently on her honeymoon, coincidently again in one of the places he owned as a vacation escape. Funny how their lives continued to intertwine. Sad and cruel at the same time for these sisters, thought Wynn in anger and anticipation.


Staring back at her was a confident and sophisticated looking young woman, all traces of a teenager was replaced. Even at twenty one, if she was makeup less and casually attired she was always mistaken for an underage kid. Now she looked more her age. She donned on glasses to add to the mature look she wanted to achieve even though it sometimes gave her headaches but she was always forgetting to book a new examination which may help with the side effects.

As she stepped onto the front entrance she looked up at the towering glass building. It was reflective of a golden jubilee, bright, very clean and super modern. But not too inviting. The front desk receptionist looked up and smiled warmly at her. She walked around to introduce herself as Rosie and asked her to have a seat and her supervising manager will be with her shortly. She didn't know what position she was going to place first even if it was mailroom clerk, she was here, was given the opportunity to work for this top company. She heard her name called out and a man that didn't looked much older than her came to greet her.

"Good morning, you must be Pralee? I am Montana, I oversee the Administration department and so today you will be a junior staff to one of my executive administrator that will be taking a paternity leave in the next month or so. Welcome to Excel International Corp. Please follow me and I shall show you to your new office space." He stated and turned with Pralee following gingerly behind.

She was a little surprised that she wasn't joining the marketing team but again she was grateful to be part of this world. All eyes watched her as she passed the office space, the administration department was massive. But for the most part they were all friendly and welcoming. She finally met Simon, he was a soon to be father and was anticipating to go on leave to help his wife care for their new child. Already Pralee was happy to know the new workplace can afford to accommodate work life balance for their employees. Her attention was needed currently as she was told that their CEO was here today, a rare occasion for the company on this side of the globe. Pralee became nervous because on day one of her intern she was already going to be introduce to the person who created this marketing industry dream.

The door opened for their entrance and as Pralee walked inside, a tall, broad shouldered man with an immaculate hairstyle turned to face her. Pralee knees almost buckled beneath her. He was the same yet his eyes darkened as he fixed it on her. Face not smiling. Wynn. Her heart beated loudly within her chest and her breathing became shallow. He was the CEO of her dream job? She thought he was never returning back to this country since his bitter experience with her sister and her family. She wondered if he knew about her sister marrying? At one point this man could have been her future brother in law but now her bosses boss's boss.

"Miss Waasirak? A pleasure. Welcome to the team and I hope we met with your expectations?" He asked with a smile not quite reaching to his eyes.

Pralee thought he acted as if he didn't know who she was. She for one would never forget his face, he was older but still as handsome than ever or more so. Where had that thought came from, she chastened herself immediately.

"Thank you, sir." She replied not knowing what to call him, by first name would be unprofessional especially when it seems he didn't remember or recognize her. Although sixteen was a long time ago and she had a lot of growing up to do both physically and emotionally.

With a curt nod, he proceeding to fire out demands with Simin and Montana to go over his morning schedule. By the time lunch hour came around, her headache was starting, she excused herself to go to the ladies' washroom. Taking off her glasses she wiped the sweat off her face. Wynn was immaculate with his professionalism and very hands on with the day to day operations of his company, it was admire able. There goes her school girl crush rearing its ugly head. Her affections would be doomed if she let it fester up and survive, reality was that the man didn't remember her.

As she stepped out of the washroom, a hand grabbed her wrist and she was quickly ushered into the nearby stairwell. It was Wynn, he quickly ran his hand through his hair and it fell perfectly back into place. What was he doing? And with her.

She was about to ask but he spoke first, "No longer sweet sixteen Pralee, did you really think I didn't recognize you? You and your sister have a very similar look but you seem to be more innocent looking, I say seem as I have learned my lesson from the past"

His words made her blush from guilt and embarrassment. What was he getting at?

"I am not my sister but please isn't it all water under the bridge? My sister has moved on and so should you. Look what you've created..." She replied but was immeditiately pulled into Wynn's embrace before she could continue.

"Moved on, no Pralee, this is what I lived for, to clear my name and have you and your family pay for accepting words from your deceitful, cheating and manipulative sister of yours..."

The resounding slap marked his cheek. Pralee slapped him, he didn't need to go on about her sister, everyone made mistakes in their past. But just as quickly in retaliation Wynn grabbed her underneah her chin and with one fell swoop his lips captured her protest. Her struggle was futile and his kiss was meant to punish.
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His kiss was aggressive, Pralee tried to wrestle with the idea why he would think it was necessary to press his ardour on her, she was only defending her sister who was not here to explain herself. This man now was no longer the easy going youth in he past. He was cruel in ways, he pressured her lips to open for him as his tongue tried to glide between the tightly sealed of her lips. Pralee refused to oblige. She remained defiant, he was stronger but she was determined to not let him bully her into submission.

Wynn finally rocked back to reality, how did this woman caused him to behave so grossly out of character. He stopped to adjust himself as he looked her over she looks calm but furious. They were in the stairwell of his company, how did he let his temper override his common sense? Pralee stood still but Wynn saw the set of her chin showed her stubbornness of not letting him know of how fearful she was of him if he should so decided not to end their kiss.

"I won't apologize, should you wish to terminate your intern, I won't begrudge you for it but realize you came highly reccomended. Don't let our past ruin this great opportunity to achieve your career's aspirations. Think about it." He suggested which somehow felt like an order.

Who did he think he was to feel free to command her? As well he stole her first kiss and thankfully that was all on this first reunion for them. Pralee shuddered to think what would happen if he was truly angered with her rather than her sister, Arita. It was daunting that the past should rear it's ugly head again even when five years have gone and went without recourse. Pralee made her way make to the office and faked her way to show all was well on the outside facade but she was trembling with the aftershock of Wynn's kiss. The end of this work day didn't seem to end fast enough. The man or her new boss was a machine, if she decided to stay and take over Simon's position she would be attached to the hip with Wynn. As the intern for executive assistant to him she was to oblige to any on call functions for the boss' needs. What should she do? Stay or run for the hills.

The next morning Pralee showed up an hour before her shift, she wanted to stay but also she wanted to apologize to him about the incident. She should have spoken up as his alibi when it came to that night, she was young and a coward, her loyalty o her sister was not appreciated, especially her own sister could care less if she took the one man you thought would be the one for you. But that was life, nothing was guaranteed.
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Sorry it was continuation of chapter 2...I have been writing as I go so there will be delays and I do it past midnight!!! Sometimes I fall asleep....but once the plot enters my mind I start typing lol. Bear with me


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Chapter 3

Caught up in her thoughts, she didn't hear foot steps nearing her.

"You are here bright and early. I am actually surprised you returned. Maybe my tactic didn't work as it should, possibly we should try again?" He threatened.

Was he serious, Pralee backed away from Wynn. As she stepped back he pounced immediately. Grabbing her my the elbows he stopped her movement.

"I see you still become skittish with me Mushroom. I was teasing. I am glad you came to work. If I were you I wouldn't let anything or anyone spoil my opportunity to excel in my career goals." He realeased his grasp and proceeded to move past her.

Giving a glance back, "If you are here and ready I'd like for you to start the memo on this quarter's revenue results Pralee." With that he entered his office and closed the door shut.

Pralee felt like she was knocked off her feet. How did he become such a person in the five years since his departure from her life? And what gave him the right to use that so long ago nickname he gave her when they were younger? Regardless she had to focus on her job at hand.

The work day came to an end so quickly, it was that busy and learning to multitask became a bit of a challenge for her because when she was in school all she needed to concentrate on was to study and write exams.

Packing up her items, her small wallet size family picture managed to fall out of her bag and onto the ground as she bent down to pick it up another pair of hands, longer and tanned scooped it up before she managed to. Wynn looked at the picture, scanned the picture, perfect family he thought and smirked.

"Too bad this doesn't truly depict what sort of person your sister is. She looks demure here but we both know better don't we Pralee? Don't you remember that night? I was with you not her why didn't you say anything? At least you I'd thought would have more integrity than her but I thought wrong didn't I. Always a mushroom, kept in the dark and stays in the dark. But the truth will reveal itself. I've waited this long to finally prove I had no part in what had happened to your sister." Wynn stared at her.

Pralee didn't know how to respond but an apology would be better late than never.

" I am truly very sorry that I didn't defend you, it was just that..." She started it was interrupted.

Wynn's hand shot out to grasp her chin. He didn't want to hear her weak attempt to explain.

"It's a bit too little and too late now. Your apology doesn't help with the humiliation and injustice done to be. Do you believe in karma Pralee? I don't but just realize I create my own destiny and just seeing how you've grown up, how much still do you really love that precious sister of yours Pralee? And do anything to protect her from me?" He released her from his grasp.

Pralee was almost in tears, what was the meaning of this? As well his aggression towards her.

"I'd do anything for Arita, she's my only sister but if you are proposing something vile and indecent than it will be when hell freezes over before I would let you touch me!!!" With that she turned and left to run home. Good thing her sister was safe on her honeymoon. For now but what if Wynn was truly serious about his plans to destroy her sister? What could she do to help?


She was more fiesty and braver than he'd imagined but her unwavering loyalty to her sister was her handicap. That he could use leverage to make her submit to him. He wouldn't use that yet until the right time. Leaving her to anticipate what next he wanted to do was part of the appeal of his revenge. Now he needed to see which division of her father's company was in need of a hostile takeover. His flames of anger ignited five years ago and Pralee and her family was going to get burned. His family had no part in this and he was their only child therefore in life he was given allowance to do whatever the hell he pleases.

Weeks passed, Pralee tried as best she can not to have any personal interaction with Wynn, it was strictly professional she was proud of herself that she was able to quickly get organized and become more efficient. But she still felt the disappointment in not being able to be part of the marketing team, her creative energy was put to the back burner and it was causing tense energy with. Although she wasn't sure if it was that or someone, her boss was the prime suspect. She suddenly felt her neck prickle with miniature goosebumps. Wynn was watching her, he had no right she was on lunch hour, although she only had a light snack she had plenty of time to daydream but now her boss beckoned her. She grabbed her notepad or mini tablet and entered his office. As she turned to close the door, warm breath was at her neck, she made to move but he held her still. Slightly fearful of his intent, Pralee tried to steady her breathing in case she showed signs of fear with this man.

"You've become quite a quick learner and productive worker. I encourage that but I've heard you've been distracting some of our younger employees especially the male variety." He informed her,

Pralee made to protest, what in the world was he talking about?

"Shhh let me finish but yet you are the ice queen with me, robotic. What happened to that girl always following your sister and me about? I know also you are clueless to the gossip in this office, always Mushroom. Kept in the dark of your own choosing." He lightly stroked down the back her neck with his fingertip, like a butterfly kiss. Pralee shivered at his touch but not from fear, almost anticipation. Why did he suddenly have this kind of effect on her?

"Please, leave me alone. If you are trying to imply that I am here for ulterior motive, you have no evidence. I may not be at Simon's caliber with work but I have been dedicated to improve myself. You never had complaints. And I am not the type of woman that wants that sort of attention."

Wynn stepped away from her. What was wrong with him? He was always wanting to be near her. He didn't want to think he was attracted to her. She was Arita's sister, she would be the same if he allowed her to affect him in that way. He was never falling for that love thing again. Maybe his work life was making his personal needs declining. When was the last time he got laid, months. He should rectify that before he made an error in taking Pralee as his new lover.


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After that encounter with Wynn, Pralee sat at home in their yard and seriously contemplating her reason to stay, wasn't it sexual harassment but what can she really do? Take on the boss of one of the biggest marketing firm in the country? He already hated her family. Maybe she should resign and take up her father's offer to work for his company. She thought long and hard and made her decision.


She did the cowardly way today and dropped off the resignation letter in the HR department. Went back to her desk and collected her items, it was for the best. Seeing her everyday may continue to encourage Wynn's decision for vengeance, it was better this way. Luckily his scheduled meeting was offsite so she was less stressed about leaving. She didn't want to deal with him trying to coerce her into staying but maybe he didn't care.

Walking down to her car she didn't pay attention to a car speeding towards her, looking at it coming she froze in place. It stopped just mere inches from her, letting out a sigh of relief she proceeded to step around but the angry man came out, shouting.

"What the hell is the meaning of this? Are you running away Pralee? You will throw all that you have thrived for because of what!" Wynn looked angry but she couldn't understand why, he really didn't need her, she wasn't exceptional at her job but why was he so angry?

As well how was he here? He was supposed to be at the very important offsite meeting. She wanted to make her escape.

She replied also in anger, what gave him the right to dictate to her or care what she did with her life?

"I can do whatever I please, I am not obligated or was even paid for this intern. I am leaving!" She proceeded again to walk away.

His hard grasp kept her from moving. His eyes filled with menace.

"Come with me, we need to talk. Come." He demanded.

She couldn't say no even if she had wanted to, with his strong grip on her arm detaining her from leaving him. And where was she going to put her box of items? She thought. He dragged her to his car and non so gently sat her onto the passenger side of his vehicle. Taking her box from her. Opened the backseat and he threw it into the backseat as it scattered everywhere. He started the car and speedily drove out of the parking lot.

"Are you crazy, do you know people were looking at us, how could you! Let me off now, this is kidnapping! Wynn are you hearing me?!
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Ooo, Wynn is mad cus he can't harass Parlee anymore if she leaves. Lol. Wonder where is he taking her. Will he use her sister to threaten her to stay? Thanks, @Mz_Em! Love all your FF!!
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Chapter 4 part 1

Wynn ignored her pleas. He wasn't too sure what his intentions was with her but right now he needed to think. Speeding steadily to their final destination.

"Have you gone mad? There were people looking at us at the office, whatever you intend there were witnesses. Let me out, I will scream for help!" Exclaimed Pralee

But Wynn's response was locking of the doors and windows hindering her from following through with her threat to jump out. Pralee was coming out of her shell.

"Just relax I am not in the business of kidnapping. We just need to clear things up, whatever the reason you are leaving the company, I don't think it is wise. Throwing away opportunities because you can't handle someone like me. Remember when we were young Mushroom? I am harmless, you have nothing to be scared of." He reassured her.

Pralee thought over his words, it was true when they were younger but present day was a whole other story.

"It doesnt matter what and how we were younger, you are a much different Wynn than the one I remember and I don't appreciate your manhandling me." She responded.

Wynn smirked in her direction,"have you ever protested? Why don't you reprimand me or maybe you are okay with my attention. Ok listen we are here." Wynn left his vehicle in front of the entrance for the valet. He quickly helped Pralee exit on her side.

Pralee didn't make a fuss but she couldn't understand why she didn't fight Wynn, allowing him to lead her into the condo and up to his penthouse.
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