Where do you wish you are right now?


sarNie Adult
...some place warmer...

...the night has more stars then you have, but the sunlight reveals more dreams... i accept the fact you love the same person i do and i still give you my time because of that!!!


sarNie Granny
i wish i'm at bangkok, thailand haning around their beaches and touring around all the thailand malls, and fairs. :D
another wish is of course hanging around with all the u-kiss members in korea. :D


sarNie Adult
I wishh I was in a place where there are all the Thai actors and actresses..LOL


sarNie Egg
Wish I was in the person I love the most heart. His beautiful heart that make me cry each time I see it. The heart the tender me vulnerable to his very emotion.

Cheesy, isn't it. But it is something I dearly wish as of this very moment.

Who knows, what tomorrow will bring.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I wish i was in Bangkok, Thailand so that i can go shopping all day, Watch Lakorns on TV and not need to wait, and mostly, See/meet my favorite DARA's XD ehehheheheh