which celebrity you wish they could date in real life?


sarNie Egg
Rome and Rita - they will make such a beautiful couple, they look perfect together :)

Aump and Oil - they look good together, hot couple!

Tik and Aom - they look great together!


sarNie Granny
there are a lot

1. aum and aff
2. rome and rita
3. aump and oil
4. tik and aom
5. pat and por
6. noon s and aon
7. noon w. and paul/kade (again)
8. win and kwan
9. weir and pancake
10. num and kob
11. pong and bee n.
12. captain and pim (again)
13. bie and mew/fang
14. pepper and ann
15. i know there a bunch more..but can't think of them at the moment....

but if ken was not married with noi..then i would want him with ann t.


sarNie Oldmaid
At the moment since I have an obsession with Ken and Aff but it could never happen. Ken is married with a child lol. And Aff has her long time boyfriend. :lol:


sarNie Oldmaid
for me:
oil t and kwan
pong and peung
por t and namfon p
paul p and pat n
aum a and aff
rome and rita
note and yui
janie and ken
aom p and captain
pepper and ann a (too bad, she's with puri :lmao: )
noon w and por n


sarNie Hatchling
this is all i can think of right now...
For sure, my top and hoping for is Oil and Aum P. These two are my most favorite. I fell in love with their So Sanae Ha lakorn and they look HOT together. Great chemistry! I just love Oil Thana! :) I love their lakorns.
then Ann and Willy or Ken, too bad they are married. I'm not sure about Willy though. Ann and Willy sure made a cute couple where Ann was a Princess in the lakorn, I think it was called Manee Fa. Ann and Ken caught my eyes in Oum Ruk and Sawan Biang, I love that lakorn. Too bad he's a married man now.
third, Num and Kob, they've been my couple since the first lakorn i watched of them. They were so cute together. She needs to dump Brook.
fourth, Andrew and Bua Chompoo, too bad she's married too. They were so adorable together in the lakorn Massaya. They were both too cute.
fifth, Noon and Kade, too bad these two are broken up. I thought that they would last and they were a cute couple.
sixth, Aom and Tik or Captain. I thought she really made a cute couple with both of them. I like all of their lakorns together.
7th, Aum A and Aff, Jam Loey Ruk was a terrific movie. They look good together.
8th, Pat N and Por T
9th, Rome and Rita
10th, Pepper and Ann Alicia
i know i have more, but this is it for now.


sarNie Oldmaid
At the moment since I have an obsession with Ken and Aff but it could never happen. Ken is married with a child lol. And Aff has her long time boyfriend. :lol:
i know...but even b4 JR..i thought they were both very compatible..cuz Ken is so cute and sweet..and Aff is just so polite and smiley...they seem like the perfect polite, happie, sweet couple... :wub:

but like Kayla said...anyways I love Ken & Noi as well....


sarNie Oldmaid
1. aum and aff
2. ken and ann
3. rome and rita
4. tik and aom
5. son and wiew
6. pepper uht and ann alicha


sarNie Granny
:wub: Son/Bie/Ruj/Ken/Cee/Win/Rome/Mos/Dan/Oil/Tye/Film/Por........with me......n real life :drool:
but celebratey.....
Son...with....i'lll see alll his next n'ek before i say wiew or pueng or best...i juss gotta say he's mine.. :drool:
Bie probably...i dunt want to say.....he's also mine :D
Ruj...dunno he haven't have anyh lakorns yet....n he's also mine...love all these handsome guys... :spin:
Ken....not sure...probably anne...or sumone...
Cee....it has to be cheer.....
Rome.....i think Noon S.....
Mos.....i'd say...Best or....Wiew...
Dan....especially...bua...bem's sis....
Oil....of course Yui J.....
Tye....it has to be Oh....
Film...not sure probably Paula...
Por....i say namfon....
*man if i were a star i'd probably be a player...there's too much hot n handome thai stars that i like n love... :wub:
other other actress...i think match......
Pepper...n ann alica...love this couple....
Fang and probably...a nice guy...or oil...
Noon W....with kade...cause they're both not my favorite actor nor actress...
Ploy n Dome...dunno
Aum n aff....
Charkit n Jakajaan.....
Stephan n namfon...
Pancake n wier...
jui...with new....
Num with Donut...
Bee matikia with boy...the one she do boran lakorn with...
Pual n Joy....
Joy R...n Chai....
kob S....n Por N...dunt like them that much....
Kwan n Aon...dunt really like aon nor kwan...that much....
Vee...n his girlfriend nok...he dunt match others gals...n he shoulg stick with her....


sarNie Adult
I know both are taken and both are a happy couple but after watchinh NangMiewKatPetch I love to see
Siwat with Pinky they are soo cute together.
it just my dream hehe... I'm happy for them with who they are datting now


sarNie Adult
anne and ken!!! hot couple! loved them in oum ruk! and they're good friends too! too bad ken is married!!! :(


sarNie Adult
Of course, the hottest right now..
SON & WIEW! =)
and probably Oil & Noon W =)

i forgot to mention Weir & Pancake! =)
we just need them to admit it & make it official! >:]


ohh ken and ann even though ken ismarried already
ann and tik
Ann and Dennis definately!
Aump and Aum
Aff and Aum
Rome and Rita
kob and NUm
OIl and Aump


sarNie Adult
1. mOs + wIEw
2. sOn + pUeNG
3. pONg + bEE N.
4. pOr + pOly C.
5. fIlM + paT
6. taWIn + kWaN
7. mIkE + tOeY
8. oIL + aUMp
9. tIK + aOm
10. aUM + aFF
11. rOme + nOOn s.
12. cEE + cHeeR
13. pAUl + nOOn W.
14. aOf + pInkY
15. IcE + aReya


sarNie Elites
Aum. A. & Cherry K.
Bee S. & Numfon K.
Bie S. & Peung K.
Captain P. & Aom P.
Cee S. & Mo T.
Lift S. & Aff T.
Mos P. & Pim P.
Note W. & Jui W.
Num S. & Joy R.
Oil T. & Aum P.
Patson S. & Yui P.
Pepper K. & Ann A.
Pol T. & Joy S.
Por T. & Pat N.
Rome P. & Rita S.
Son S. & Wiew W. - My current favorite on-screen couple! I am totally rooting for them to date in real life!
Weir S. & Alexandra B.