Which characters in Suparboorut Jutathep captured you?

Your favorite is: ?

  • Khun Chai Taratorn (Grate Warintorn)

    Votes: 4 7.5%
  • Khun Chai Pawanruj (Pope Tanawat)

    Votes: 12 22.6%
  • Khun Chai Puttipat (James Jirayu)

    Votes: 10 18.9%
  • Khun Chai Rachanon (Bomb Tanin)

    Votes: 7 13.2%
  • Khun Chai Ronnapee (James Ma)

    Votes: 20 37.7%

  • Total voters


sarNie Juvenile
Mine is Khun Chai Taratorn (Grate Warintorn)! He's not my favorite actor but he's the best in this series!


sarNie Juvenile
Well, I'm not meaning to disappoint anyone but I really have to say that, Khun Chai Rachanon or Chai Lek (Bomb Tanin) really need more skills to be a Pra'ek. He's not really fit in Khun Chai Rachanon and I don't know what he means by his face. I think Top is better than him.


sarNie Hatchling
Khun Chai Taratorn: Didn't really like his character because he was too still. 
Khun Chai Pawornruj: Loved him but he was a bit slow on love. 
Khun Chai Puttipat: He judged too much and was stubborn but he was sweet when he was in love. 
Khun Chai Rachanon: Loved him but he didn't really trust Soifah and he's a bit slow on love. 
Khun Chai Ronnapee: He took in rumors easily and blabbered to Piangkwan which made me didn't like him but he made up for it with his sweet self. 
My vote: All Khun Chai's had their flaws, pros, and cons. 


sarNie Hatchling
I voted for Khunchai Pawornruj. Honestly I grew to like all Khunchais, but my fav. characters were:
- Ketsara: hardworking, unprejudiced and always supporting, even if it goes against her own greedy family's wishes
- Khru Chinnakorn: loyal friend to Khunchai Taratorn, always wishes for Ketsara's happiness even if it means his own heart will be broken
- Strong and cool Soifah
- and finally Khun Aut (Khunchai Ronnapee), the only guy who managed to make my heart beat with his adorable smile <3


sarNie Adult
Khun Chai Ronnapee! James Ma did great and P'Nok Chatchai did a great job. It was a beautiful lakorn from props to everything. It's a type of lakorn that brings me from a smile to tears and seems to have all the element of life. I love how the invisible pressure stresses the brothers and himself. Ronnapee continues to ignore that stress kind of like most guys I know. They just want to ignore the stress and be happy. those type of family stress seems so stupid and easy to fix but to the person in that situation it's so difficult.. 
Overall, mine would have to be Khun Chai Rachanon because I love how he handled Soifah. He never had any problems with her. They never quarreled. Whenever she hit him, he would just laugh or smile. I loved everything about this guy and his Soifah. Lol.
I also like Khun Chai Puttipat but he was a bit on the stubborn side when it comes to that and stubborn ain't cute. Lol. Anyway, he and Krong Kaew were soooo adorable together! I loved that pairing.
In the end, I'd have to pick my Rachanon though because I loved everything about his installment. I watched it twice. Hehe.


sarNie Adult
In all honesty, none of the khun chais captured me the way the adisun brothers did, but my picks are:

In terms of looks: Grate

In terms of hubby-character wise: chai ruj (with a little more confidence in status and love wise) he would be a perfect husband, esp in the cooking department hehe


sarNie Oldmaid
It's very hard to pick because each brother had the good and the bad but my heart is set on Khun Chai Pawonruj. I watched all 5 of the brothers and I got to say that my battle between picking who was the best between Chai Ruj and Chai Pee was the most difficult ever! Lol but Chai Ruj won me over because as being the one who "supposedly" got look down on by Grandma Oon and having a girl who left him without an explanation then another girl who he loved truly lie to him about who she really was I felt so bad for him. He went through alot and for him to fight through all of that I'm proud to pick him as the one who captured me.  :heart:


sarNie Adult
As for husband I would choose chai Ruj, BUT as for boyfriend I would choose chai Pee. Chai Ruj was sweet and understand everyone around him. Chai Pee can protect his girl when comes rescue his lover. He'll do anything to protect her.


Expired Sarnie
Khun Chai Ronnapee all they way from the very first part to his last part of the series.

Khun Chai Yai- he was just there for the most part. cant compare much but i like his calmness. he is not a go getter.

Khun Chai Ruj- again love him but honestly my love for Chai Phee is bigger.

Khun Chai Pat- lost a lot of brownie points in both KCR!!! I dont f* ken care if it was just for show or planned out, u never ever push a girl like that, what a puss!!! i still heart jirayu just not khun chai pat.

Khun Chai Lek- loved him too.

Khun Chai Phee- from the very first to the very last part of the series. he helped all his brother escape a loveless marriage. he doesnt care about wealth and status. he was just a man who loves a woman. he fights and protect his country.


sarNie Juvenile
Khun Chai Pee has gotten most vote currently! My cousin likes him with his small eyes and a bit of cute face.


sarNie Adult
Khun Chai Pee (James Ma) I love it when he says “Khun kue pooying kong poom” (You are my girl) LOL he’s too darn cute!!



I feel guilty. I should have voted for Chai Pee but instead I voted for Chai Ruj. LOL. I love both of them so it was a very hard decision. Can I do a re-vote? lol jk.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I liked them all for different reasons.
Khun Chai Taraton because he's level headed and mature.
Khun Chai Ruj because is logical and charismatic.
Khun Chai Puttipat because he's reasonable and courageous.
Khun Chai Ratchanon because he's loyal and humorous.
Khun Chai Ronnapee because he's innocent and brave.
Of course they all share the same characteristics here and there but I truly think these are their individual strong points. The most romantic out of the 5 was Khun Chai Puttipat. For some reason I was very moved by his dedication to Kaew. They also had the most realistic chemistry. My overall favorite out of the series was Khun Chai Pawornruj. Everything about it was amazing. P'Pope is such a great actor even though this is his first main role. His "drama" scenes were the best. The storyline, the soundtrack, the pairing, everything was just right.


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I loved this series. I personally think each actor played their roles really well. Each Khun Chai was unique and flaws.
Khun Chai Taratorn -Very mature, calm and level headed, he'll catch you if you fall. I love that he's very considerate and cautious before he speaks, but he was very slow with his feelings and was going to marry a girl that he didn't love. 
Khun Chai Pawornruj -Very sweet and down to earth. My ideal husband, but he sees himself so low.
Khun Chai Puttipat -Handsome smile, very reasonable and loving especially to his wifey Krongkaew. I love his honesty and straightforwardness but sometimes too blunt.
Khun Chai Rachanon -Very fun loving, although stiff, he's always so silly. Life with him will never be dull. He sucks for running away from Soifah.
Khun Chai Ronnapee -Very helpful, strong and dedicated, he was always the first one to help his siblings. He's too stubborn and insulted his n'ek before knowing anything. Grrr....but he is so loving, strong and brave. I'd feel safe in his arms forever.
Khun Chai Ronnapee and Khun Chai Pawornruj stood out the most to me when it comes to the Khun Chais. As for the supporting actors, Teacher Chinnakorn, Khun Chatchawee/Jao Luang Rangsiman and Khun Aut stood out the most.