Which Thai films would you want to have English Subtitles?


sarNie Egg
Which Thai films would you want to be subtitled into English?

Name three Titles.

Hummm...lets see..

Mae Krua kon Mhai (Pat and nat)
Jan Euy Jan Jao (rita and ??)
Kaew Lom Pet (wiew and son)

Still more...
But can't think of them right this moment...LOlz.


sarNie Juvenile
nang barb - aum, ae, benz
zen...seur ruk seur winyan - nat, peak, oh
jao ying lum zing - new & pinky
pleng ruk kam pop - new & pancake


sarNie Adult
lol this forum is funny the subber wants FILMS/MOVIES to be requested NOT lakorns and all she's getting is lakorn titles...dramafall r u still subbing?