Whispers :: Ken/Ann


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Shall start with this one right after I completed my Angel fic. Haven't decided on the cast yet .. so help me out please? One thing for sure, no more ATEAM .. it's either RTEAM or Ken/Ann ^_^



Whispers .. whispers .. whispers .. WHISPERS! I couldn't stand it anymore .. why must I suffer now? I'm just a middle-aged man who's trying to live life a day. 2 months back, my life could still be considered 'normal'. A good career, a beautiful girlfriend and of course a pretty luxurious penthouse. Everything changed when I met that woman! No, could she even be considered as a human? She's dead, and that's what bothering me the most. Why is her tormented soul lingering around me? I don't know. One thing for sure, since I 'met' her .. I started hearing voices .. no whispers .. which gets louder and louder each day.

Maybe it's all my imagination.

It's all an illusion.

I'm crazy.


Posters done for the fic

Me =]




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OOoO i'm liking it. Hmmmm Rteam or Ken/Ann, it doesn't matter, but maybe Ken/Ann since you don't have one with them yet right? :D


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It doesn't really matter with me if its Rteam or KAteam. I will like either way


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ahaha .. so is it ken/ann then? or shuld i wait for the others opinions first??


p/s : idk why i like to torture myself to write this kind of fic LMAO .. i luv mysteries n all but gosh .. to make a twist in a fic .. it KILLS me .. ahaha


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i'm guessing this is a supernatural fic?? I like supernatural stuff. :D


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since you already finished a rteam ff i guess u can go with ken and ann but i'll be imagining rteam just love them together


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lome: yeah its a supernatural fic ;)

yes2drama: don't worry, i know there's still a lot of rteam fans out here .. so there would be a new fanfic on rteam, on rome being a photographer ( a very arrogant one too) and Rita a bed ridden patient. so yeah, more sweet moments of them in tat fic.


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It really doesn't matter if it is Ateam or Rteam. I am fine with Ken and Ann!!!


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[ Chapter 1 ]

The life of those working-class men are just oh-so-terrible now, isn't it? They are individuals who sell their labor power for wages and do not own the means of production. Erm, aren't they a little bit too sad ass. Now, unlike them -- I'm an upper class. Who could have guessed, an orphan like me could now be a proud CEO of an entertainment company? I'm tired of getting step on all my life, it's payback time. No one dares to talk bad about me now can they? I got power and of course, money. Ka-ching all the way! With a fat obese bank account, it is no wonder everyone don't mind polishing my shoes like dogs! It's okay, they do good 'pets' -- as long as I can still use them.

Oh, did I mention yet? My girlfriend, now she's one hot sexy mama! The most popular actress in the business at the moment, Chanelle. Under my strict 'supervision', of course she rose to stardom like hot pies. Enough about that. Anyways, who are you low class people to know about my story huh? Butt off! Get out of my office now - or - I'll have no choice but to call the security. Yeah, get lost. Go back to your small hut and start sulking. Hell yeah I'm an arrogant guy. Call me whatever you want! Who cares??

I, Ken Theeradeth, practically owns the world! Now, SECURITY! Get these peeps who's still reading my life, out of my office! Drag them out if you have to! Urgh, these people. Brings misery to my life. Seriously!

"Yes .. Sir."

"Get out of my boss's office now Sarnies!"

- Knock, knock, knock -

"Urgh, who's bothering me now?!"

"It's me, Chanelle."

"Oh .. it's you. Come on in dear .."


"Take a seat now .. erm .. so, anything?"


"Hey .. are you sick? Why are you so quiet today .."

"I'm fine."

"You sure? You look so pale .."

"I said I'm fine."

"Okayyy .. this is one weird convo."


"So, I'm done with work today. Let's head back to my penthouse?"


I'm not sure what's bothering Chanelle today. Is it due to all those bad gossips by the media? Erm, I'll fry all those damn reporters! Because of them, now I can't make love with her tonight. Urgh, such a miserable day. First, I got harassed by some people called the 'Sarnies' and now this. Great, just great. The whole silent situation in the car feels so weird, I hope she'll brighten up when we're at home later. I got a weak spot for my girlfriend, I can't seem to be angry at her. Ah, the life of a person who's madly in love. So yeah, to you single people -- don't be jealous.

"We're here~"


"Hey, you sleeping?"


"Err .. k. Go down then .. let's."


[Ken took out the carkey and turned to his right passenger's seat.]

"Erm .. Chanelle .. what are we eating tonig--"

"Whoa .. how did you get out of the car that fast?!"


"I didn't even hear the door opening or closi--"

"I'm cold Ken .. can we go up now?"

"Erm .. told ya .. you are sick! Ok .. come on now."

[ Both of them went up the lift to the highest floor -- that's where Ken's penthouse is situated. He opened the door with his VIP card access and entered his house.]

"Erm .. something smells .. good, Chanelle."

"It smells more like some fine Italian cooking .. yummy-licious! Is it your doing dear?? Hehe .. is it your surprise for me?? You naughty girl!"

[Ken threw his coat onto the sofa and walked towards the kitchen.]

"Baby! What took you so long! I was cooking for our dinner since 4pm!"


"Ken .. baby .. why are you looking so white??"

"Y-You w-were here s-since w-when??"

"Err .. 4pm. I wanted to give you a surprise .. why? You don't like it?"

"..N-No. If you were here since 4 .. t-then who was the girl with me thats now?!?!"


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guys, this is my new style of writing.
i want u guys to feel like ur in the chapters too!
so if u dislike what ken is saying .. u can reply to him!
and maybe it'll be featured in the next chapter!

like an interaction wif the character in the fic ks
u guys can give him advice and etc ..

hehe, hav fun!