Why do free hosting?


sarNie Adult
Some people have asked me why I'm doing it and I realize its not a simple answer so I thought I'd write this up to give a longer more detailed explanation.
There's a couple reasons for doing this.  One of the selfish reason is that I wanted to raise brand awareness of AF which is why I'm calling it AFN (AsianFuse Network) hosting. Of course I also want to create goodwill among the members and also to embed myself within the fabric of hardcore fans. BUT the more important reason for me to do this is that keeping AF up for years now has been a hobby of mine but it has become more then just a hobby.  The interesting thing for me is that this experience has morphed and change my life's direction and now I have a career in this field (managing and maintaining servers).  If anyone is interested there is a really long post on the wiki about the past (http://wiki.asianfuse.net/index.php/History_of_sarnworld_and_asianfuse)
When I started this hobby, I found many people who gave me help and one or two have even hosted the website for free for awhile.  After I acquired more skills, I started helping some other websites and found out that some of the free hosting out there put too much baggage on the sites they host (not to mention acting like major pricks).  And so since then (around 2 years ago),I've started hosting some websites whose owners I knew but I didn't have access to a lot of resources back then so I opted not to make it a big public thing.  But now its a different story.  Now I understand the industry very well so I took advantage of good pricing, good hardware deals and managing the technical aspects of websites to further reduce the time to maintain sites.  The thing that's cool is that I can finally be one of those guys that helped me when I was new to the game and I can be THAT guy for some upcoming websites :)
So yes that's about it.