Wimarn Mungorn (PJJ)


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hey i just read this at pancake's forum, that they are about to film this new lakorn starring them two.........i can't wait.............i wish it was vier though(like always,lol)................ :blush:


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her face is not flat. she has meat on her face that's all. she has a chubby face, but not a flat face. But she has a good body.She has high cheek bones although her face is chubby, but she has a model structured face. Look at Devon Aoki, she has a round face and look somewhat flat cuz of her chubby face.


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N'ke has been change to Kwan U. Thanx to Mai @ Spicy for the news!!


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wow...I'm so excited to watch this lakorn then. Loved both of them in the lakorn that had a lot of K's & R maybe KKRKR?? Anyways, wonder if it'll be another serious drama. I hope it is b/c comedies, a lot of times , just aren't as good.


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Hooray! Oil and Kwan together again. I really liked them in their other one. Can't wait to hear more news!


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Here more news if you wanna know

Bad news for Kwan and Oil Fans , but good news for Pancake Fans..

This lakorn is actually with Pancake now..it was just a mixed up


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kwan? i was kind of hoping pancake and oil since oil and kwan already made a lakorn together before. oh well. i probably won't watch it but happy for oil and kwan. maybe if the storyline sound good?


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I wish nang aek was someone else. I don't like Pancake. It would be great if it was Pinky. I am looking forward to seeing Yam character in here though. This is Yam i'm talking about she's so cute. Love her as nang aek in the boran "Tepsarmrudo" and "Tepasin-Intarajuk"