words inspired from "piece of art"


sarNie Tombstone
i'm who i'm and i love the person i become
i'm happy with what i have and not asking for more than doing what makes me happy
thank you for everyone who helped me to be the person i'm and for the upcoming persons who will play a role in the future me
thank you for the hard circumstance that taught no one can save me more than me
if you don't ask for help no one will know you are in pain
i have been a lot but i still have breath so my journey still didn't end but as long as i do what i love is all what i need to have a source of joy in this journey
dear life i still have strength to live you
to be the better version of me


sarNie Tombstone
this is exactly why i call her PIECE OF ART she is special and unique to herself :icon12::icon12: her beauty speaks my language



sarNie Tombstone
A Queen on her throne is a woman who has mastered herself. She’s not perfect, but she is complete. She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfill her mission can be found within. She’s uncovered her powers and she knows how to use them. She's no longer on The Path, she has become The Path


She was a true fighter, you could see it in her eyes. She was not born strong, she was made strong. She was sculpted to her her own hero when the world let her down, and she kept picking herself back up.


sarNie Tombstone
she choose to be strong even if she has the right to be weak , she has the door open to be weak an she for sure tasted the weakness drink but she doesn't enjoy it so she keep searching for the drink that will erase this weakness after taste

she has the right to hide but she choose to face
she has the right to close door on herself but she love be free
she has the right to see the world dark but she choose to find he light
she has the right to give up but her blood her nature refuse to obey to this choice
she has the right to lose the taste of joy but she choose to not to quit cause she love tasting it
she try everyday to face what she has to face to live what she feel she want to live to continue what she want to continue
to simply live

nothing can ill this beauty's smile , no matter how much her eyes hide and cries her mouth refuse to forget the beauty of a smiling like a sunshine for other people to see the real beauty :icon12: she will keep fighting herself her world through storms and sunshine

no one know what is waiting for them what is hidden but you need always to keep your feet on the ground and try to walk with a stable steps , queen you are born a fighter :icon12: and i'm one of those who can't help be touched and falling in love with what i saw iieiw_23967661_392408224512727_3543333931707269120_n.jpg


sarNie Tombstone
the hardest battle is the battle we have with our own self

she is in the middle of a battle to keep herself on the track
telling herself that she need to go through this
battle with herself to convince her that she can do it she can make it
battle with her own self to keep looking to the light to keep looking for the light in the dark tunnel
it's one of the most tiring battle but she is one of the strong fighter
if she wasn't strong she wouldn't reach the point she reached after all the scars she got through her road
and her battle won't end until her own self get that she can be happy is not that bad , it won't be always sunshine sometime will have storm blowing us some damage will happen but she can survive cause she is a fighter that only will stop fighting when her breath will be took away and her path come to an end
until her self get all the power the battle will continue


sarNie Tombstone

a task that you need to keep learning and learning and learning lesson after lesson
some succeed cause they simply was patient hard work strong student that never give up no matter how the lessons are hard no matter how much they lost they just know how reproduce their strength to keep on going on through lesson cause they want to be one of the people who reached the end of their studies cause a lot of students give up in the middle of the road, some takes more times than other some start weak but they find the way out to be stronger and even get ahead of others who beat them
in the end it's a matter of self conscious of self strength you need to know how much strength you need more , each student who want the finish line need has to keep on searching for his strength inside cause some my have help from other or ask for it from others but i believe the best student who find the strength inside and find the real meaning behind this task and find out all the truth about this task cause just then you will find the real key for every lesson you will find the strength in every fail you will see much more clearer

and i hope this inspirational woman who had been through good amount of lesson who still holding on i hope she will find the key of life , cause she brought alot of smile to hundred people and inspired enough people with just being the person she is and those are the words that come to my mind when i saw this photo the other day but had the mood to write it now :icon12:



sarNie Tombstone
it always has been about her eyes
it always has been her eyes who did the magic
it still the eyes still that special aura still that magic that can't be put in words
she meant it or didn't meant she did it she stole the hearts she made some souls falling for hers
it doesn't matter what she do or did her eyes dd all the job to makes those heart her support
it's the eyes it's the eyes it's the eyes the eyes the eyes ........




sarNie Tombstone

we fear what we know gonna hurt us emotionally or physically
the most biggest fear is when we can't see where are we what's around us what can come up
sometime we think we know all the things that can makes us fear but constantly the more we grow the more we are faced in situations that can create new fears in us
we can beat some fear but not in the darkness you need a light to beat those fears
some fears you can't beat them like fears animals fears fire , fear objects... though that's the easiest fear cause you can simply avoid

*inspired words from the moment* *inspired words from the piece of art photo"
kimmy_kimberley_26071708_156477381741522_419894204928360448_n.jpg kimmy_kimberley_26065485_1868741200084015_3364467231231574016_n.jpg


sarNie Tombstone
her eyes are the reason it's hard to escape
i saw in her eyes something that can inspire me
they weren't just normal for me they were special cause they reflected her soul so amazingly
that it made it hard not to fall in the charm of her soul
i give up trying to escape the world her eyes made me fall in
no matter how i try to just get over it my silly weak heart for unique beauty in this world tell me "you silly how you can get over a feeling like this"
so i give up and the magical thing is i can't get enough and i don't think will ever get enough


sarNie Tombstone
some time the way get darker and darker, blur and blur
no way is lighten up all the way sometime we fall in dark places
the only way to get out of this darkness is to find the light within ourselve
search the light of our souls and just then we may have a lighted up way for a long time we can overcome everything that surround us more easliy
can enjoy the beauty around us much more
nothing is more powerful than the light that we find within ourselves
a light that even can light up the world of someone else standing beside us


sarNie Tombstone
is not about chasing it's about accepting

when you say "i' won't be sad " "i won't get hurt" "i won't cry" "the sadness won't go , the pain won't go
when you say " i'm gonna be happy" you won't be happy cause it's forced
when you say "i won't be disappointed" you will
is not about chasing or forcing

but when you say "pain welcome" "sadness welcome" those feeling by time they will go cause they will feel bored after you accepted them
when you accept whatever come to your way with no expectation happiness will come running to you

it's about accepting

accepting the pain until it's go on it's own
accepting , endure the hurt until it's heal on it's own
accepting the fail to be able to face the success
accepting the bad so the good will be more tasteful
accepting who you are , accepting your fear until it's turn to braveness
accepting your flow until someone come to embrace them

that's what i tell to myself just accept and thing will go on their own with change on their own live what i need to live do what i need to do the rest let it take it's time with acceptance


sarNie Tombstone
everyday may not be a great day
there is no perfect life
there is no happy ever after
we may not have reason to smile sometimes
but when we do we should profit from the moment
and enjoy all of it and smile from the heart like there is nothing wrong like life is perfect like we will be happy forever
jordwphoto_26871126_157318395058350_7470241411116302336_n.jpg spycool_tukta_26872955_198279434249145_3122253254948290560_n.jpg kimmy_kimberleyofp_26868288_142624183084254_3100019115494998016_n.jpg mkpantip_26306717_1845936485449708_5917282671125331968_n.jpg ammp_amm_26866004_1676627889026806_5453316513987559424_n.jpg


sarNie Tombstone
art is created from everything beautiful around us object sounds human animals nature everything beautiful around as is an art created for us to admire , she one of my favorite piece of art



sarNie Tombstone
indeed she is a very beautiful rose with her thrones , her irresistible fragrance, sensitive leaves , charming colors and breathtaking aura :icon12:


sarNie Tombstone
look to the sky hope for the best
look to the stars and dream big
but always keep you feet well in the ground so no matter happen you will always be safe
we live with believes with hopes with wishes
but with all that we have to live with hardworks , second chances, changes

spycool_tukta_26869627_193030347953886_6571987033093308416_n.jpg spycool_tukta_26872572_2050615245226344_7451559776552484864_n.jpg


sarNie Tombstone
she is like a beautiful perfect pink rose
her beauty take the attention of lovers
but she had her thorns that protect her
she look fragile with a romantic soul
but she has her defenses
she spread her fragrance that charms the souls
her lovers find hard to take their eyes off her
hard to walk away
hard not to stop taking care of this beautiful rose and admire her beauty everyday
she is a fascinating rose a rose that move the inspiration of art soul and lover for rose like me lover for inspiration like me


sarNie Tombstone
the beauty of this woman is she never fail to bring that smile from the heart light
she fought
she failed
she was broke once twice..
she had hundred reason to be depressed
but she hold on on that few reason
she always tried to overcome her fears her sadness her disappointment
she kept her real heart always stayed true to herself to her dream
she doesn't need to do anything her presence was enough to make an empire of true love with her fans
who see her real beauty , saw everything she is and loved her no matter what
she doesn't represent the common unrelated perfection of image
she represent a real beauty of a human star that made me the lover i'm for her beauty talent and everything around her
she represent the people who believe being beautiful has nothing to do with being perfect
she represent "love me for who i'm or just go"
she is a beautiful woman on her own
meennie_sirapat_27890945_1765662267074015_7793410732040650752_n.jpg ammp_amm_27878965_181009235961554_4824241390105919488_n.jpg pretty_dino_27877912_746923258837438_5456406244740825088_n.jpg peet_markim_27881264_2013427358923759_8712960812047663104_n.jpg gallerybyhong_27890633_582560078750305_257118844240265216_n.jpg


sarNie Tombstone
a mother a father are the key for a successful strong future human being
a mother a father are the souls that empire the souls that their love created
a bless that the creator gave to them
but sometime a mother a father themselves are not that strong are lost, feel disable to play that role in that young soul
so if you come from a broken fam
if you weren't blessed with that key
be proud cause you are a survivor
you are born to be in the front row fighter
you were born to inspire others , to do a bigger role
just need to find that true light that will always light your way no matter how things get darker
just that real light inside that you need to search for
we weren't born to be perfect or the best we were born to inspire how to love each other how to inspire each other and be a fighter for the good side against the evil side even within ourselves the battle always exist
mlkpeace_mk_27878295_257749878096408_1985052520350744576_n.jpg andisoon_27578485_165570347405913_7587313990447923200_n.jpg


sarNie Tombstone
one of the beautiful nostalgic feeling is when we just stand and smile feel blessed for hat we have for who we are despite the scars in our souls despite what still coming towards us but sometime come that magical moment magical feeling of just let the soul free breath for a moment let our eyes feel the beauty of what surround us , with our scars we are never the same person our feeling change our perspective change our endurance change scars are like marks a honorable marks of a survived fighter from a battle in between a battle and the other we have this little moment of appreciation for who we are


sarNie Tombstone
time for my inspiration when i saw those lights in her eyes

it just about being human
it just about feeling
it just about want don't want
it just about can can not
it just about not always has to understand sometime just feel
it just about trying to live the best you can get
it just about searching for yourself searching for a light

some can't understand why we love someone we don't know in person my answer is

it just about the feeling

if i can love a flower if i can love a sea if i can love a mountain if i can love the sun if i can love anything beautiful around me and doesn't want it to get harm
why i can't love the beautiful side of a human

if i can be inspired by flower, sea, sun, mountain and everything beautiful around me
why i can't be inspired by a beautiful side i see in a human

her beauty is beyond words for me