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I'm so desperate for a job...but I'm picky :(
I'm still a student w/ hardly any experience. The only choice I seem to have is food/restuarant places since they hire anyone, but I have a retarded hand that can't touch water much, so I have to keep it as dry as I can. Retail, I'm scared to work back w/ retail because CVS was so strict with every single little tiny thing, so I don't want to go back to retail. Plus they don't know TEAM WORK at all.

So what is your job? How did you get your job? Your education level?



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Sorry to tell you this but it's going to be tough to get a job oustide of food and retail when you're a student with little experience.

I don't work anymore, quit my job at Walgreens because one of the managers was taking advantage of my kindness and having me work double shifts and cutting into my study time. I write for the school paper and do freelance work, so I guess that's sort of a job?

Anyway, typically how I get a job is through friends or just walking in and applying.
A lot of the times I get hired on the spot, the jobs that ask me to come back right away or the jobs I normally don't get.

Not all retail is has bad as CVS, Walgreens is way busier and bigger (at least in these parts) if you can't learn to deal with those types of jobs it's going to be hard to learn to keep any job really. Most jobs that people with little experience get are going to be jobs like that, you just gotta learn to tough it out until you can't take it anymore or go broke.

I'm still in college but on my last semester.
What I have going for me is that I'm a fast typer, I have lots of work experience, language skills, I'm also a certified Pharmacy Tech (which was kind of a waste because the damn pharmacies I apply at always hire people with no experience and uncertified over me, doesn't even make sense!) and various computers skills.
It also helps if you know people.

I've only had maybe two desk job, one as a telemarketer (horrible experience) and the other at a tile place. I was doing secretarial/reception work at the tile place. I got that job through my best friend, someone had quit and her uncle (the guy who owns the company) needed someone fast so I filled in for the time being. Easiest work in the world but OMG so boring.

Oh, you can try those job placement places if you don't want to work in food or retail, maybe you'll have a better chance of finding other types of work. If you're in college, try looking in the school paper, usually they have jobs listed or you can try looking for office work at school as well.


i'm picky too... but to a certain point in life it's be picky and drink only water with no food, and be in major debt, or just get any damn job... and yes it came to get any damn job. stop chasing your ideal job because it won't happen until u have experience or 4.0 gpa from an ivy league school lol...

well um i've done banking while i was still in school... um yeah i didn't like retail and whatever, but i figured eh, i can be a teller now and work into corporate when i finish school, but boy was i wrong. they brand you in as a 'teller' and u will not go anywhere besides 'sales' ...pain in the arse!

but yeah, i had fun being a teller, u might wanna consider it. citizens bank lol! no water involved lol... different bank has different processes to hire, but it shouldn't be that hard and doesn't really require u to know anyone... just if u do it's a perk.

i'm working in a hospital right now as a research admin assistant. i used to work thru a temp agency, but then i left to thailand and quit... came back and tried to look for other jobs, but nothing came up so i was at that point where i was dying almost... so i just said screw it, i'll go back there.. so i gave my boss my resume, and he forwarded it to HR. and i'm back here again... -_-

and yes, i'm over qualified for the position, so what lol!

the girl who works with me is a high school drop out and she made it this far... grrr, why did i spend so much money.


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muaha im a student in training at a hospital for nursing im so lucky and i dont get paid :( haha i teach dance and sports at school and get free food at school 555 dno i just ran on about something dumb 555buh mommy pays for everythin i dont haha


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A job is a job, not many people like their jobs but they do it for the money so they can survive.
Now when I say job, I mean just a job not a career.
A career is something different, you got to school and get training for your career so you expect to put to practice what you spent so much money learning to become.


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Bleh thinking of this subject pisses me off. My aunt is always complaining about how I don't work and stuff. The thing is she doesn't even live with me. She use to live with us when I was still at my parents. She's always like "how come my daughter has a job here and here and she didn't even finish high school. Your a college student and can't find a job." Well most jobs that I applied for saw that I'm a full time student and refused to hire me because they wanted someone full time. Also you don't have to be a high school graduate to work at a cellphone repair warehouse <_<. I tried looking for a job, but got bitched at by my husband who refused to let me work until I'm done with school. Around where I live jobs are so easy to find. Literally it is. My job history is what is also preventing me from getting another job also. There are a few jobs where I only worked for like a week or 2 weeks, but got laid off due to slow business. So I just don't include those in my resume really. >.<


sometimes... a job blends into a career ;)

sometimes u don't need formal training/education to be in the career path u are in :)

life is a bish, so yeah, it's unfair :D


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Nong Jo, do you want to adopt me? haha...or maybe your mommy can. I would love for someone to pay for everything I cant. It's even harder as a student. ARggg...damn bills!


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sometimes... a job blends into a career ;)

sometimes u don't need formal training/education to be in the career path u are in :)

life is a bish, so yeah, it's unfair :D
That's true, it depends on what kind of job/career it is though.
If I could work with a newspaper (being a reporter and not the mail person) I'd so forget school. I'm so sick of school, feels like I've been in school since I came out of the womb. <_<

Jobs that don't require training or education: Photographer, designer, pretty much anything that has to do with starting your own business, freelance writer (if you're a really good writer and can find work), model, actor, web designer, graphic designer (I dated a guy who didn't even finish the first year of college and got a really good job as a graphic designer because he's really good at it) and author (normally those who become published writers w/out any education or training are those who read a lot and I mean A LOT). There's probably more that I'm not thinking of.

Um...oh, if you enjoy writing there's this site I write for, it doesn't pay much but at least you'll be able to make some sort of money.
Associated Content and Constant-Content. If you do decide to sign up don't forget to use me as your referral. :D
Another thing you can do is if you're pretty handy with a video camera and editing, those two sites also offer pay for video content, just check to see what sort of stuff they're looking for. AC pays for DIY videos and I think CC does too.
If you don't have a video camera but have a digi camera or even just a film camera you can take pictures and sell them at those sites too. There's also some sites that you can make money off of by shooting stock photos for them. To find out what stock photos are just google it.
Oh, one more thing. Google Current TV if you're interested in journalism type stuff or just video work and read what they're about to find out if it's the kind of stuff you want to do. It's a real channel (Al Gore is the co-founder) they pay for video content that gets aired and occasionally they'll have this contest thing from sponsers that ask viewers to come up with ads for them and if it gets aired by Current TV you get paid a pretty good amount, if it gets aired elsewhere you get paid even more.

Hm...think that's it.
well as of now, I'm still going for a combined BS/MD...i've got 3 years left; right now, I'm just studying and living off of savings, since I try to limit my expenses and the tuition is covered by my parents; the first year i was at nyu, however, i did work in a nightclub as a wasn't difficult, actually, especially since they were just opening...i just picked up an application and got the job...when the hours cut into my studies, i quit and went for a retail job at saks fifth, which i just quit... so i'm planning on just focusing on my studies for the rest of this year, then next year, I begin my internship at nyu's medical center...

connections are good, but for temporary jobs like these, connections aren't too important; just go in and apply...


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i think nowadays, getting hired is hard unless you have connections. at least thats how it is over here. i started my first job when i was in high school at a local grocery store where my sister worked. although i hated the job, i stuck around for a whole year! on the good note, i became a really good cashier. lols. my second job was at office depot. again, i was a cashier but the pay was a little better. i actually just walked in & applied. i was lucky that it was "back to school" season, so they needed help asap. within 3 months, they moved me to their copy center. i initially loved it there; a fast pace environment w/ a great team. but as soon as my 1 year anniversary w/ the company came along, I grew tired of the place. customers nagged a lot. co-workers wouldn't finish their assignments so i ended up taking over. blah blah. so i started job hunting.

i used my college's employment center for help. they have online search engines where employers seek employees. my sister found the job for me, it was clerical work which is a piece of cake, so i applied. i got the call & took the job. a year later, im still here. lols. i actually enjoy my job. the easiest job in the world, but can be very, very boring. i was chosen for the position because i have background in the medical field. i am a certified nursing assistant (expires tomorrow. lol), i received a certificate for passing the state of california medical secretary exam (never came to use), and am a pre-nursing student.

although my job can be very boring, i really can't find a better job. that is, my job is soo laid back & to top it off, they're extremely flexible with my school schedule so it doesn't cut into my studies. i basically make the call in when i want to work. finding a good job is all about flexibility to me, especially when you're still a student.

sorry for rambling on. i got a little excited. lols. :p


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i found my job thanks to my network and internships....i coordinate a project in Laos....I'm getting a second part time contract for another non profit organization. Am I happy? hmm not much....Too much workload, no time for life....But it's life.....i have to get experience !!!!!!!!! sometimes i dream about a job which will be free of much money, but more happiness..... one day maybe one day.............


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i used to work at my parents restaurant back when i was younger until the sold it off to someone else. i got this current job which i've been at for 5 years almost as a high school internship. now i qualify as their "college intern" lol. well if you're looking for a job and you would like to look for one outside of the food industry try looking at the newspapers for your county or major newspapers. there are places that are looking for students or even try finding a part time job doing something. for example - my cousin does odd jobs for the minneapolis star tribune like writing small articles or during the winter she worked at an ice skating rink. don't give up!! there are plenty of opportunities out there for students without any experience. i so can't wait to get out of this job...hate people hahaha...jk! :D


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needless to say connection and experience is needed now a day to get a really good paying job, what can i say we live in that kind of world now where even if your qualify yo will probably get pass over for a guy who has connection


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I use to be picky about jobs but that didn't work out so I had to go for whatever is available which was production job. Starting out as a assembler ... assembling school materials (i.e learning charts, stickers, notepads, etc.) Than operated a machine. After that, was a set-up coordinator returning raw products. Now I'm a material handler ... driving the lift-truck/forklift and bringing products to the line to be run. Easy job as mostly I'm back in the warehouse doing nothing or walking around and flirting with the ladies at the workplace LoL

Good things always come last. Gotta start with the hard work first before you get the easy work.

Muddie Murda

Thanks for the great responses guys. I really enjoyed all of them, esp the stories of success. Sales jobs are easy to get, but hard to keep. :\ I mean, I'm not much of a sales person. lol Either they want to buy it or not, I don't like to convince people to. I've got a few interviews from Sales, but turned them down because I'm bad w/ sales.

I had another interview w/ this job that sounded perfect. They must have liked my resume too, because they set the interview up a few hours I've submitted it. The job hours were perfect, but the interview time fell in during my class, so I asked them to reschedule since they set it up last minute. But I think once they knew I was a student too, they ignored me. Goshhhh. :( I guess I shouldn't let anyone know I'm a student too then. <_<


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There isn't really any easy way unless you're well connected.

When I first got here in the US I worked in McDonald and I also worked at a local bakery here cleaning up after I was done at work in McD. This was using my senior year in HS. I worked at that place for a few years and didn't go to school for a while. Along the way I also worked at Safeway as a cashier and even delivered papers (yea paperboy!). I also put ads in the local newspaper for computer repairs and went around town fixing PCs for a while.

But none of these really count for job experience. On a small level they do count, esp for references and some sort of stability. This is true if you are consistent, like if you can keep the job and can take the heat. Plus working retail initially really helps any individual who might be very shy because they have to break out of the shell to do the work.

I got my current job because I really sold myself. This is the time when I really didn't shy out or anything. I went up to the person who was doing the hiring and pretty much sold myself. I had alot of competition but the rapport I build with the guy really did the work and a little of bsing skill on my part.

Now I'm working at something I really wanted and building the necessary experience to go up. I'm a few years behind the time so its about damn time.

So don't be so picky and just fill out every damn job applications out there. You'll eventually fall into the right path.


what tim brought up is also a necessery thing to do when u are looking for a job and don't have connections:

be able to sell yourself...
  • resume looks neat and doesn't have 10-30 pages when u're not a physician or CEO, ideal is 1 page, but 2 is okay.
  • be on time for interviews
  • dress to impress corporate world even if you are interviewing for some crappy job, wearing sandals and ripped jeans won't cut it
  • have confidence in yourself, if you're nervous, tell them you're nervous, it's OK! they understand, they've been in the same position before once in their lives.
  • if it's something you really want make sure u study up the place, because they will ask, "why do u wanna work with us?" and answering, "just because i do" will not really give u any points
  • finally, but of course not lastly, if you really really really want the job, u tell them what they want to hear, invision urself as the person hiring, if you ask those questions they ask you, what would u want the person applying to say? i know, you want to be yourself and get a job where you don't feel forced to be someone else... but sometimes it takes that faking to get the job.
just speaking from a point of view of someone who majored in HR and whenever i wanted a job real bad, i got it. however... there are some jobs that requires that glamourous resume that says i've graduated from harvard, to be considered. -_-


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My very first paying job legally was at my high school. I worked in the caferteria during my lunch since my freshman year. I stopped working there when I was a junior becuase of my busy school schedule. In the beginning of sophmore year, I worked at an elementary school after school. I quit after the first year, it was boring just timing kids reading. Really boring.

My first real job beside school was at McDonald and quit after a year. I was hired on the spot and to my surprise my friends and I applied the same day. I was the only one who got it. Mad as they were, congradualted me. I didn't want the job any more. But I had to have it. They don't pay you enough enough to do all that hard work.