[Workpoint TV] Unknown : Gun Svasti / Cheer Thikumporn


sarNie Oldmaid
@Maricon Thanks for sharing. hehe you beat me to it posting.

I was waiting for more update and an confirm and on what the title was before making a thread just in cast if Cheer wasn't in here. Haven't hearing anything news of her in anything beside Club Friday series. I guest we can change the thread as there are more update later to see who really in here. Thanks.

I'm super happy to hear this news if Cheer going to have a new lakorn. Can't wait to find out more.

For those who wonder who Gun Svasti is he play in "Rattanawadee 2015" with Jeena Yeena and upcoming lakorn "Yutthakarn Salud Nor" with Four Sakolrat.

Here a photo of him for those who don't know him.

I wonder will this lakorn be "Kum Mun Sunya" or a different lakorn. Gun have some news I'm not sure the being of this year or later year he was going to be in "Kum Mun Sunya" for Workpoint. I guest we have to wait and find out more update.