yards younger pic in her lakorn..


sarNie Coma
i forgot the title of the lakorn

yard was soooo adorable!

thanx to come pai




sarNie Adult
oh my gosh.......she's so adorable, what a cute baby girl.......omg i can't stop staring at her.

i guess that was the boran lakorn "Pra Bu Thong" i remember Yard was in there as the young n'ek.


sarNie Adult
wow!!!!they have been in the entertainment for that long. Kinda weird cuz they r recently famous. It is the same for others who r famous now although they r considered divas like mew, ann t. A lot of steps and effort to get to where u r. if u r at that level then it's worth regardless of the length of time.


sarNie Granny
omg never thought that she would start acting soo younge...kwan and yard looks sooo cute when they're little...their looks haven't changed yet..