Yaya Urassaya and Ken Phupoom?????

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I'm not really fond of the guy but he and Yaya don't look too shabby together. He has the perfect height for her. A future lakorn of them would be nice..........



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They actually don't look too bad together. I'm not a fan of Ken and never will be but if they were to pair up, I guess I wouldn't mind as long as he shows 'major' improvements on his acting. However, I don't think they'll cross paths anytime soon unless Ch3 is really dead set on pushing him up there and Janie couldn't help accomplish that goal.


sarNie Coma
actually, ken and matt look really good together too. she look super gorgeous there and yaya as well. what event was this?


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Uhh! Its maybe for me i cant really see Ken being P'ek but Yaya and him do look good together but i rather him with someone else!!!


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Hmm him being p'ek I don't know what to say. He's not bad good looking guy. He can play supporting role, but not p'ek. I have to squeeze my stomache and wait to him wit my favorite lady JANIE is bad enough.


Oh they don't look too bad together but I think he has more compatibility with Matt judging from the picture above.


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They don't look bad together, meaning he should play the supporting as the hopelessly in love guy that we like and encourage him to make p'ek feel jealous and is perfect for n'ek in every way yet she picks p'ek in the end and makes us feel sorry for him but we would still rather have her end up with p'ek lol.


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yall judge too much.. This is why yaya always pairs up with the same people... ken isn't all that bad . in fact he improved..OmG! Not bad!! This would be a fresh and interesting pair. Plus ken's height is perfect for yaya! Here are some pictures i found.. look for ken and yaya ..their height differnce is nice.
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I remember back when these group photos were posted there was one of Ken looking at Mint, and I've wanted them to pair up ever since lol. But I'd totally be down for Yaya and Ken.


Ken and Yaya both are improving their actings so why not? Ken is tall enough for Yaya besides the 2 James. I'd like to see Yaya with more serious and mature roles. She is aging so she needs to play more versatile roles! And I'd like to see Ken with less stiffness and more expressive with his facial features! I remembered in Nakee he was still stiff in many parts. But he came a long way! I actually don't mind him these days after Nakee! Lol :love:
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