Yaya Urassaya (LISA vol. 15 no. 20 October 2014)


sarNie Adult
even this time shoot is simple but yaya look sweet and beautiful like always.tq for sharing ^_^


. : Lady Yue : .
Love the photo with fonts Touch of Roses. It would be a great photo for illustration. Thank you for sharing :).


sarNie Adult
This girl cannot be any more beautiful than she is now, right?? Like seriously she's so gorgeous! I love the play on the flowers. Simple but beautiful.


sarNie Egg
this is beautiful, if only they dress her this nicely in her lakorns. why she always wears grandma's outfits in her lakorn is beyond me!!


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi Krisayaporn
Thank you for pics. Yaya is so sweet, beautiful, here. Thank you for posting for our enjoyment.