Yaya Urassaya (PLOYKAEMPETCH Vol.22 no.516 July 2013)


sarNie Oldmaid
yaya is gorgeous !!! love da styling, v young, hip n edgy ! congratulations 2 nadech being a pro photographer and yaya being da perfect model 4 him !!! every project they work on just turn more than excellent !!!


sarNie Adult
More pics, nong reung looks stunning through mr kugimiya's lenses!!  :wink:

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sarNie Hatchling
they both are such dolls! glad nadech sees yaya as a gorgeous doll through his eyes too. yaya looks almost like barry in pic #4!


sarNie Adult
Cute photoshoot.  
But I hope this couple won't be acting together back to back for the next 10 years.  Nadech needs more lakorns with other nang'eks because it looks like James Ji is taking over.  James Ji has already paired up with 2 different nang'eks other than Bella thus far.


sarNie Adult
@cupid, the 2nd pic is my fav from the shoot!!

yea i hope they dont pair up in the nxt 10 yrs too, to save them from criticisms from the non fans and even their so called fans, oops i didnt know this thread was regarding a nadech and yaya lakorn, but no one (let alone my goofy boy) can compete with the 10/10 handsome prince of thai et anyways


sarNie Adult
Perhaps the fact that it's Nadech who took the pictures makes it more beautiful in my eyes lol 
The second picture got to be my favorite!


sarNie Adult
@Alice, thank you for sharing the pic! Love every single pic in the mag. Nadech knows Yaya very well to take all the BEAUTIFUL pic.... ❤❤❤


sarNie Hatchling
Her best shoot to me. All I can focus on is her pretty face and features. Nadech did a goooood job