Ying Ye San Jia Yi (YY3+1)


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So I dont know if this has been posted; I've kinda searched around SW and havent found a topic yet so here it is!!!.....

ATTENTION MINGEN FANS!!! If you haven't heard, Ming Dao and Qiao En are collaborating again on a new drama!! They've already been filming for a month now and the show will be broadcasting on the 29th of July!! *Hooray!* Their new drama is called "Ying Ye San Jia Yi" and I can't waittt!!!


translation by minivicki

XT, AJ, FW, BL all four grew up on Westside Street together and currently study in Ying Ye School. One month away from graduation.

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XT's dad is a police officer in Westside Street and is retiring tomorrow. But just on that day, AJ they all had a fight with the Dinosaur gang in the school and were almost expelled by the principal. Officer Xia went to settle the conflict and not only did it not get settled, his gun got misplaced by the principal too. Everyone thus discussed things over and decided that AJ they all will remain in the school and they must find the gun within the one month of graduation to let Officer Xia retire peacefully and happily. AJ, FW and BL then can successfully graduate.

While finding the missing gun, they discovered that a ex-convict Grey Wolf who escaped from prison is possibly connected with the missing gun and even more surprisingly, the Grey Wolf is actually having close communication and contact with students in Ying Ye.

Among the teenagers, they had to cooperate to find Officer Xia's missing gun and this let AJ and XT who have since young been at loggerheads to develop feelings for each other. FW who has always liked XT now becomes the love rival of AJ. This love triangle will have what impact on AJ and FW's friendship? AJ and XT who used to be as close as siblings, will their relationship change? Who stole Officer Xia's gun? And how are they going to find it? What will be discovered in their process? Let the four people use their own ways to bring you this story in 2007's Summer.

(there's more details to it than this; please visit the AF forum for more info)


And the guys at AF have been awesome to upload these subbed clips; check it out!

J Stars Promotion Video <---Qiao En is soo cute! And like they said, Please support!! :D :D
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2nd Preview


All credit (pictures/summary/clips) goes to the folks at Asianfanatics Forum. For more information, please visit http://asianfanatics.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=377748. They have just been SUPERB at keeping us updated. There's 22 pages already (unfortunately I havent read through it all) so if you're gonna, happy reading. :D

I've been meaning to post this for a while now but I dont know what happened. Anyways, this just about made my day when I learned of it. Totally reflaming up my love for Mingen (not that I ever abandoned them) but omgggg...Im soo excited! Im just anticipating my fav two couples on screen together again. If you're a Mingen fan, you already know that their chemistry is already hott (on and off screen) so thats no worry but lets hope the storyline is a good one. :D I just find it funny (not haha funny) how I watched Prince Who Turns to Frog and Devil Besides You at about the same time and those two were huge among me and my sisters.....great couples, loved the chemistry and it made fans all over go crazy. And now when those two same couples collaborate again, their settings are totally switched. From professional/businesslike setting to school setting and vice versa. They sure make some hott school kids though. :D

Totally feel free to add any updates here and I will love you like :wub: :wub: :wub: .

P.S. Lynnnnnn!! HOLLLLAAAAA!!


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another drama for them two, yay loved them both in frog prince, best coupling ever!

mann.. ming dao is so freakin' hot and qiao en is so adorable.. ahaha.

cannot wait to watch this looks like an action/comedy type.. i think i still like frog prince more though.


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I thought I was going to die when I heard that Ying Ye 3 jia 1 was going to be aired. I waited for a long time and I thought that it was a lie. When the first episode came out I was so happy. Now I am just waiting for the rest of the episode to be subbed. I heard that it ends at episode 22 or near 20's episodes. Ming Dao and Qiao En forever. It is so funny. I am taking Chinese this year and my instructor gave us a wesite to look for a Chinese name. I was like I already have name in mind. It is Zhao Ming En. I just have to include their names to my name just for the heck of it.


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I'm really liking this series. Mingdao is so adorable I think he look his best in this series ;)
The 1st 2 or 3 episodes was kinda wack cuzz too much nonsense with that bully but afterward it's getting better. Mingdao is so cute when he's jealous :p


I'm so liking this drama rite now it is so good! i'm only on epi 11 i'm not done watching it yet!


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I havent had to time continue watching...last I saw was probably episode 3 or so. Did anyone else think that the fighting was kinda lame? It's sooo unrealistic lol. But I still love Mingen and yea, it does seem like the series is gonna get better from where I left off.