Your crazy fears........


sarNie OldFart
Public Speaking..
I have like some kind of speaking disabilities. I didn't speake even when I started my first grade and I didn't speak a lot until I was 12. When I do they didn't understand me so I've had 3 surgery already, it got better a lot now. I hate it when I pronounce something, most of the time the sound didn't come out like how I wanted it to.. :crybaby2::crybaby2::mad::mad:


It's more of an ocd... when I'm getting naked in someone's bathroom, I'm always thinking there's a camera or someone watching me so I gotta make sure and check every little thing. Make sure the door is locked and screen is closed etc cause I don't wanna show up on porn sites... ya know? Voyeurs part 5 and shit.
I don't like flies... I watched this cartoon Rocco Modern life when I was younger and he turned into a fly and the viewer got to see what he saw through the fly eyes and fucking gross all those eyes in one thinger... so I don't freak but I have to kill them or get away really fast from them.
This one.


. : Lady Yue : .
Umm I have lots of crazy fears but to sum them all up, they all fall into these top 2 fears.
1. Fear of the unknowns (bad things, what the future may hold...)
2. Fear of not being to control or change the unknowns