You're Beautiful Vs. BOF

Out of these two drama which is your favor

  • You Beautiful

    Votes: 46 73.0%
  • Boys Over Flowers

    Votes: 17 27.0%

  • Total voters


sarNie Adult
I'd choose YB any day!! :lol: The cast is great!! And just love JGS and PSH!!!
Totally agree with yoou...You're Beautiful hands down is the best becuz:

1) It's a fresh storyline.
2) I adore all the characters..The characters are much better.
3) It's more hilarious..there's always funny scenes in each ep.
4) Not that it's only hilarious but also heartbreaking.
5) JGS and PSH is the lead characters..


Expired Sarnie
I love BOF- there's Lee Min Ho (the sole purpose and motivator for me to finish up the horribly rewritten drama), Kim Hyun Joong (although the hair color didn't suit him period and the fact that I really dislike his character), Kim Bum (he has a killer smile) and Kim Joon (he's just so adorable) they made it worth my time. The major turn off that I dislike about BOF, they choice the wrong girl-Koo Hye Sun. She doesn't have much charisma as Gan Di and her acting is a bit not to my liking. If only they have chosen a different female lead it could have been one of my favorites.

As for You're Beautiful, it was kind of difficult to watch with the fashion style, but later it really fits the whole drama plot, environment, mood and you just come to like it even though some wardrobes are "WTF are they wearing" lol All castings were great, I have no complaints in that department.

I would have to say You're Beautiful wins hand down even though it's not the greatest drama of the year, it's definitely worth watching and very enjoyable unlike BOF where I had to clench my teeth almost throughout the whole entire show lol... this is definitely going on my favorite list for Kdrama.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

i love the characters in YAB ~
it has all the genres-ish. LOL
Love;Comedy;Dorkiness;Music;Etc. bwahahhhaa
but yes, YAB = 2009 Best Kdrama :D


sarNie Adult
BOF trites. I choose You're beautiful over BOF. acting, storyline, actors, sense of humors of each character, the development of the plot, songs or ost are great over great. Their OST breaks the sales record for OST Album history, if i am not wrong!


sarNie Adult
YB of course, i'm too tired of watching the same storyline of BOF, but it a good one too. but too many of this version BOF. YB is something new.


sarNie Egg
Hmmm thzt really hard for me but i LOVE YAB more than BOF.. CUz its like really hilarious and it has the cutest cast alive. Anywayz my vote wud be equal if Jang Geun Suk [[the lead guy from YAB]] had takin the role of the mean Gun Jun Pyo in BOF instead of Lee mIn Ho [[but Lee Min Ho is hawwt and his an awesome actor as well =)]]. BUT NOOO he didn't take the role.. he chose Bethoveen Virus over Boys Before Flowers <_< LOOL. butt imma kewl with it!! =))


sarNie Adult
Vote for You Are Beautiful because of the new storyline lol.
Love Boys Over Flowers but prefer Hana Yori Dango !


sarNie Adult
I really enjoy YB. It was light and comedical to watch. I just love it so much. The cast of the drama is awesome :wub: .


sarNie Egg
of course I like You're Beautiful more
the story was really great . I love it

BOF was great too but You're Beautiful get on the top for me ^_^
Well...being -biased- I would have to choose BOF.
Just because I'm falling in love with Kim Bum :)


sarNie Egg
OH MY GOD, it was not an easy response for me because i liked them both T__T
But i had to make a choice so i voted for YrB because of the story and the cast <3
Jang Keun Suk, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, UEE...<33333333333


sarNie Juvenile
BOF!! Because...

1) I love all the symbolism with the apple, shoe, etc.
2) How the concept of soulmates is portrayed
3) Beautiful OST, including SS501 <3
4) F4 is totally irresistable
5) Joondi <3
6) Yoon Jihoo is the sweetest fireman
7) Character development


I don't get why these two are put into comparison.
I've watched them both, loved them both. But I'd give it to BOF. That drama comes with some deep meaning about life, love, and especially friendship. F4<3
I like that it had mixtures of emotions unlike in You're Beautiful where it's just humor and then once we reach the climax it goes sad. >_< I think the cast for both dramas are wonderful. It really opened up some new doors for most of them.