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besides asian dramas, i watch some youtube videos especially those by nigahiga, kevjumba and wongfu. they're lots of other youtube channels with interesting stuffs as well too. feel free to share your thoughts on this :)


sarNie Adult
Nigahiga is pretty funny. I also like communitychannel. She rants about random stuff but it's pretty entertaining. :p


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Yup, I am subbed to all of them. Hehe. I remember Kev's first vid back in the day. I can't believe how big he got and now he's a star. I remember subbing to him because he just danced in his backyard and thought he was a great dancer. I hoped he would do more dancing, but never saw anymore moves. However, I do like watching him rant. Sometimes I miss the good ol days when he pretended to be his dad & his own characters. Now his dad is in everything.

I also watch davidchoimusic. His music amazes me. Very good singer/producer...and pretty funny. I remember going on those web cam chat things just to see if he would smile.

Some other asian youtubers that I like watching is stillnotdavid (not as popular) but he makes great points. He started off pretending to be a guy that stutters a lot, but then he stopped and now just sings random songs. Hope to one day see his rants again. I also enjoyed Namskie w/his parodies, but he's too busy to do vids nowadays. Very rarely will there be updates. Another youtuber I follow is shimmycocopuffsss. He's kinda straight forward & talks about sex a lot. But, what caught me to subscribe to him? Haha his hair tutorial. Then he just sat in his room wearing preppy clothes & started rants. Then I also enjoy his c-walks. Alexthao20...kid has amazing voice!! Cityincolors...also another amazing singer.

Others I sub to: floorstatik (he's in Step Up 3D), Happyslip + much much more

Others I watch: smosh - I stopped subbing to them because I had hopes that Kev would be able to beat them out, but they've all dropped because of Ryan Higa's sudden appearance...and Fred?? and now Shane Dawson. haha. and Ray?

mychonny...anyone watch him? He reminds me of shimmy. And pyrobooby.

I used to sub to only thai lakorn uploaders & now I have over 50 ppl I sub to. Mostly to dancers, beatboxers, musicians haha. Boredom does this to me.

You can say I'm on youtube pretty much all the time lol. Gosh, I should be a youtube old maid or something haha.

feel free to pm me about youtube channels/vids...I'm a huge addict!!!


sarNie Hatchling
LOL.... youtube old maid?! u sure know a lot on those youtube channels/vids.

shimmy, mychonny, shane dawson, davidchoi, pyrobooby.. yeah i watched there vids too! haha but i dont have a youtube account so i guess they all have one less subscriber >.<

i'm gonna check out those other channels u mentioned! :p

Cupid Candy

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NigaHiga...I'm in love with this guy, he's so cute. Love Shane Dawson too, Peter Chao, Daniel Shimmy, Bubzbeauty/Bubbiosity, Juicystar07 and Michelle Phan!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
I went to ISA Sunday night...and I have got to say they all look like they do on youtube :) Ryan Higa was a bit quiet (maybe he was tired), but omg Kevjumba was his crazy self. Very great personality. Wongfu...Phil had the best personality. Wes was quiet of course. Still like him even though he didn't interact much once we got to them.


Expired Sarnie
I like watching simon and martina videos about Kpop but lately they have been really boring with their Kpop Music Monday Review. They are no longer funny.

I am not subscribe to much but I do watch people video from here and there. I mainly use YT to watch Thai lakorn and other Asian drama but lately YT been doing a lot of taking vdos down, so I have to look for other streaming site.