❤ [CH.One31] Nakark Kaew (?) : Captain Phutanate/ Pok Piyatida/ Film Thanapat/ Ani Anipornr


sarNie Hatchling
This lakorn has a smart male lead, and I finally understand the appeal of Film. It's my first time watching him and he looks so much better in motion, and his acting skills isn't bad either. The female lead is a mix between Poo and Chompoo, she looks absolutely stunning when she's all glammed up, it actually suits her much better than the girl next door look she had going on in the first episode as Dada. This is a fun lakorn to watch, haha. Many thanks to Muse for subbing it!


sarNie Adult
I just finished it. This drama was way better than others I've ever watched from TVOne (well besides Mia 2018). I really like Film even more. Hope to see him with Nat again soon.


Actually quite surprise that I lole this lakorn. I skipped to the end though because it started dragging.

I didn't like the actress who played Dada and Lookaew. Her eyes were very dull when it came to emotions. Other than that, see has potential.