Ch3 ratings


sarNie Hatchling
Viewing behavior change, while it’s not recording on Nielsen rating boxes all over the country,there are getting viewers on the web apps and youtube up to hundred of millions. That is a huge number. People no longer invested to watch things live.

CH3 did the right thing to hire the IT guy to get them forward. The can get the world to watch their lakorn. They already start to gauge live views from multiple platform from one of digital tv provider and not to rely on Nielsen to much( which only have a few thousand rating box around the country, even US television starts to drop Nielsen rating for its old method)

Eve Taylor

sarNie Egg
Ch3 is falling because they imitate korean dramas without skinship and with so many side characters , i dont want to see thai actors trying to be oppas
in fact they dont spice up their lakrons because they want their actors to work abroad
but to be honest i love ch3 production.