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    Andrew Gregson

    why is he so damn handsome?!
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    Aum Patcharapa

    its funny how she does lingerie shoots but she wouldnt do swimsuit shoots. but she is very pretty here and the lingerie are very pretty. is this her lingerie that she helped designed?
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    Rotmay Kaneungnij

    she is sometime prettier than most nang aeks :P she always play and the friends of nang aeks or pra aeks. i wish she get more of the nang aek roles.
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    Yardthip Rajpal

    she is very pretty. i didnt like her hair in cheun chee navy at all. i hate the "weave" or extensions or whatever that is on there.other than that..she is very pretty
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    Bie and Tono the star

    tono <3
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    kob gave birth.

    it has been confirm by NineEntertain NineEntertain Exclusive!!! บรู๊ค ดนุพร เผยไนน์เอ็นเตอร์เทน ยืนยัน "กบ-สุวนันท์" คลอดแล้วได้ลูกสาว 2 minutes ago via Twitter · UnlikeLike · · @NineEntertain on Twitter NineEntertain Exclusive!!! Brook Danuporn announced to NineEntertain, confirm "Kob...
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    The Best Classic Lakorns

    taddao bussaya= Kob and i forgot the praeks name. joy siriluk and willy mcintosh lakorn = Rak Diew Kaung Jenjira. [I can watch this over and over.] theres another lakorn of Joy Siriluk. I forgot what its called. Joy plays as a ghost and she brings praek and them to her home and even though she...
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    who are you?

    who are you?
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    The Star7

    wait what?! toomam got voted off?! i dont think soooo. he is just at the lowest percentage right now and thats just in the audience that voted. he didnt get voted off yet. the results will be up on sunday?! i think. the results from saturday show was just the audience voting which note got the...
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    The Star7

    the next 2 or so weeks. i think nes and kwang will be voted off since they aint all that good and stuff. and the top 3 will be amp, toomtam, and note. and from those 3 i think either note or toomtam will win, but it seems like note has more fans cheering for her with toomtam...not so much of amp...
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    OMG, Nathan Oman does "VOODOO"

    they finally lock him up for his scam. he admitted to his fault about scamming and lying, everything. they found the "voodoo" work after he went to jail.
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    OMG, Nathan Oman does "VOODOO"

    I just saw on KhanPak, that a son of a person that was involved with Nathan Oman. He found a box of papers that was tied to a whole bunch of celebrities and people that are involved in the entertainment and with him. Nathan Oman did some Islam "voodoo" to some if these people, some celebs and...
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    Aum Patcharapa

    she look sooo airbrush.but thanks
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    Annoying talk show host

    i am big fan of woodytalk and he is like the only host that i see from any other show in thailand that actually asks REAL questions to the guests. and het gets straight answers too. how is he annoying for wanting to know the truth. you like it when celebs blabbers on and not tell the truth and...
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    Thai Music