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I wonder if Ken T did something to his face bc he looks slightly diff & tired looking vs his usual good looking self.
I think at some point, something always changed. I don't understand it as altering the face even with botox aged them and make their facial appearance strange. It gives the opposite result of what they want to achieve.
At his age, people tend to use botox and fillers more. Not surprised.
Hey how are you doing? I wanted to ask you about the last few chapters of 'My husband-in-law', and also the first one, can't find it here, is there some kind of problem? I saw them 2 years ago and wanted to read it whole, but getting to read it only now( and found out that some chapters are missing, or is it me who can't search properly? :pancarta::pancarta::):nut:
i believe in platonic love but you can't tell me otherwise that a lot of the old koo kwans were not products of missed opportunities lol