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Tried watching My husband in law and then felt like skipping most of it. Not for me I guess.
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I’ve tried watching MHIL too but didn’t really feel the storyline. It had too many characters that wasn’t anything significant, I just didn’t feel for the characters. It was an okay lakorn. The ml was not likeable so when it gets to the middle, I lost interest in it. This lakorn just feels forced imo.
Mhil is one of those lakorns without a strong storyline. It all depends on if the main pair can keep you interested to keep watching. For me they were enough but it’s understandable why some people didn’t like it.
lol ~ the chemistry between Mark and Mew was on FIRE lol :facepalm::naughty2::icon12: it’s a very endearing and intimate lakorn. Haha
Kim looks so great with short hair :love: