Jan 19, 1991 (Age: 33)


Done: Panthakarn Ruk, Lep Krut, BPS, Sai Ruk Sai Sawat, Dok Yah Nai Payu, Meu Seu Bpak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat, Payak Ka, Angkor, Jao Sao Chang Yon, Sai Lohit, Mee Piang Ruk, Sin Lai Hong, YPNM, Chum Phae, Trabab See Chompoo, Chum Phae, Nang Rai, Majurat Holiday, Sao Noi Roy Lan View

Next haul: Supaburoot Sud Soi, Ruk Plik Lok, Laila The Giant Daughter, Kaew Khon Lek, Revive to Kill

Consideration : (Boran) Sang Thong 2018, Pleng Phranang, Rin Fung Nam

Anawin <3 Wanjai



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