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    [Ch7] Ching Nang (Polyplus)

    Give her a chance maybe she'll do great :)
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    [Ch7] Lily See Kularb [Kantana]

    they are cuite cute cute ,. i like it cuz thiere cute scence alrdy,. :)
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    Darb 7 See Manee 7 Sang (Coming Soon)

    Urg wats up with two wifes lately. is boran alwaies liek this. ugh the main pa ack is such a baster. iono. i hate it.
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    [Ch7] Sunta Dara (Compordee)

    Ohhh i alwaies wanted these dara to be together.
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    Yea, whiich i am a bit happy. I cnt wait. lol.
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    [Ch7] Doot Daw Din (Kantana)

    || aww i liek the story n the little boy sad :(
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    [Ch7] Horb Ruk Ma Hom Pah (DaraVDO)

    EWww the guy with kwan so ugly no offine. way not aof. :( but i liek the story line those
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    LOl. as much as i love om and min i rlly want sum sammie and om time. urg. lol. ohh i see a kiss?
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    like 6ish to 7ish. humm jak got hit by a law or sumthing and she in a cave lying down but i duno if she alive or not. her sprint went to dao at first then wen tto that other girl
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    i dont get why she change body i dnt get thai at all?
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    nuthing much but the other girl got hit by a rocket or watever and her so call soul went inside yui. humm there only some sweet scence
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    but i like the pairing i love kade n that girl they so kute ah. lol
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    Itsnto that i dont like om and min just that i want some scence with sammie and om :(
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    nuthing special yet. i rlly want to see it now :(
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    Pbaa Nang Suer

    I like it the actions ish a bit corny but i like the couple keke its ok.