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    Karen's Artwork

    thanks for the comments about the gif. well this time will be my first time ever i will share the poster I made. I had never made them before but now i'm starting too. it seems like my posters will turned out nice if i feel making graphics....anywho...leave comments about the poster. it could be...
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    [Taiwan] Skip Beat

    I'm watching this drama too!!
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    Karen's Artwork

    I haven't share my work for a while now!! but i'm back only with gifs. These gifs are from their drama Skip Beat!!
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    Karen's Artwork

    thanks for the comments!!! well i'm back with more..... SETS GIFS more will be coming......
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    Karen's Artwork

    wow!! it been a year or so that i haven't post any of my artwork in here. hehe. Well here's some gifs that I've made.
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    Film Rattapoom fathered Annie Brook's son

    Moe, you dont really have to say sorry because you didnt do anything wrong.. you was just stating ur opinion.. all this is getting so old... its just like a nam nao lakorn.. in fact its even more interesting then a lakorn itself.. I just want to skip to the end if i could.. But I do agreed...
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    ***Super Junior***

    ah!! i just love No other songs!!! gosh i can't believe that next week is their last performance!! sigh...I watch some of the Strong Heart!!! i just love it when they make fun of Siwon!! It's too funny!!
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    Karen's Artwork

    I thought that i would never make anymore banners, icon, gif and what not. But since i was bored I made these. Yeah it know it's plain but i like it. lol. Last year i recently liked Super Junior lol. But i only have two favorite. Siwon and Donghae. lol. GIF: SETS:
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    I agree with you!! lol. i saw the mv on youtube and liked it!! lol. not a fan of their but just like the mv. well here's the link too it. i didn't see you post the link.
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    Nuer Mek (Metha Mahaniyom)

    okay so from reading the last few posts it seems to be that the evil dad is actually the twin brother who took his place. he looks like he's on drugs too. i thought that someone plastic surgery their face to look like his. i hope not? iono but when he all of a sudden came in was kinda confused...
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    Theppha But Maya, Theptida Jamlaeng (Kantana)

    ah!!! can't wait to see Win!! miss seeing him playing in a lakorn!! but why Kwan!! i want to see him play with a different girl but oh well i'll still watch it because of Win
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    *~*Jay Park*~*

    Awww I'm glad that he's doing okay!! miss hearing him sing though!!
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    2 pm

    I haven't been in here for a long time now!! I've been reading articles and news about the remaining 2PM members!! I was so pissed once i found out that Jay will no longer be in 2PM!! After i heard and read translated from the conference i started having hatred towards the members!! Well moer...
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    Karen's Artwork

    WOW! I haven't been making banners/icon/avatar for a long time! After the Jay situation i kind of stop with the 2PM stuff but I couldn't help myself!! Khun is too cute! & hot!! SETS: BANNERS:
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    2 pm

    I agree....