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    maiv xis yaj- is married?

    too bad the vdo has been removed! I didnt get the chance to see it :(
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    Masquerade Ball: Starlight Fairytale

    I love masquerade ball... too bad its so far away from me!!! :(
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    Duab ci thoj is married??

    true... people over sea are using facebook a lot these days... I see a lot of over sea hmong celebs having their own facebook. so it is possible for her to have a fb :)
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    Toog Vaj & Paj Suab Yaj

    I think they must be then or she wouldn't be calling/writing of Toog as her husband. and yea I was on her fb page too and she did write 'husband' one of her status said... "It's been 47mins, the husband (Toog Vaj) and my dad are STILL talking about hunting. WOW. Lol" They must be then... well...
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    A Hmong Dubb Lakorn Blog

    awesome!!! will totally check it out!
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    unique Hmong baby girl names

    My side of the family call my boyfriend, Nraug Hli, even though thats not his name... hehehe it's a long story how he got that name *sorry just wanted to mention this since I saw the name on your list* speaking of Nraug Hli... My niece had a guy friend name, Dao Ong, and we always wonder what...
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    unique Hmong baby girl names

    My boyfriend's uncle named his baby girl, Khuv Xim, meaning, regret. I think the sound of the word, khuv xim, sounds nice and pretty, but not the meaning... I always have this thing that your name effect your life/future, etc etc such as the name khuv xim... I feel like in life she's just going...
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    Es Lauj's new album

    awww... you guys are too funny :) for some odd reason every time I see him, he reminds me of Tub Yaj...
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    Lee "Eb" Lor wedding reception

    :) He's actually a really goofy and fun guy if you get to know him, but he's quite shy in person... I thought at first that him being an actor and all he was not a shy person, but he is... he's not that talkative when meeting someone new for the first time, just more like smile and answering...
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    Mab Sua Lis-rumor or truth

    really? well, last time I heard there was rumors going on about her cheating on her husband and that he was sending her back. But that was just a rumor and she's still here with their kid... unless this is a new rumor of the old rumor. People say thing a lot about her because she's usually home...
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    Cha Her's new movie [2011]

    I think its ok once in a while... but to have almost the same thing over and over is kind of boring and with the same guy too... they should have done something else... I've never seen any of Cha's war movie... just know him because people talk about him all the time and seen trailer only...
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    Cha Her's concert/party

    wow... so she got pregnant the same month she got married... anywho, I'm happy for them. update us on their baby too when it's born :)
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    Cha Her's concert/party

    I'm way older than she is and just from that picture she makes me look way younger than her :) I wonder when is she due... anyone know?
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    Brenda Song is pregnant

    what you said is true but its just that shes kinda like a role model and a lot of young hmong girls does look up to her too... so to me, it was just kind of like... a little disappointed because of the status that she has and stuff, and she goes and get pregnant... at least marry the guy then...
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    Who's going to Thailand/Laos this year?

    I want to go back to thailand and celebrate new year with my dad again :) haven't been to laos, but heard that new year over there are fun too. but to answer your question, no... i wont be going back to thailand or laos for new year or this year...