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    Aum and Nat getting MARRIED!!??!?!?!

    Congrats to Aum and Nat for tying the knot. They make a cute pair.
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    [Mainland] Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (Shenzhen TV)

    Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei and Iljimae both have their goods and bads and differences. Still I like both of them. I wish there were more romantic scenes for Wallace and Liu Shi Shi. They actually look cute together. I find Wallace to be very handsome in this series.
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    Free Hosting Details

    It would be nice if the radio works again. I remembered coming to AF (sarnworld) just to listen to the radio.
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    [Ch5] Hua Jai Rua Puang (Exact & Scenerio)

    I enjoyed watching this lakorn. Its been a long time since I watched a ch5 lakorn and finished it within 2 days. Son and pang have great chemistry together. I would not mind watching them together in future lakorn.
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    Nok Sinjai (HARPER'S BAZAAR vol. 8 no. 100 June 2013)

    I always thought Nok Sinjai is beautiful
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    Thai and hmong song sound alike

    the 2 songs sound a like to me too. i don't think it is the direct translation but the story of the songs are similar.
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    Looking For Good Lakorn To Watch

    my mom is into sad lakorn, the kind where they dress in old thai clothes (not boran lakorn), where the story line involves past and present. can someone give me some recommendations. we just finished watching roy ruk roy adeed and buang wan wan and she craved for some more. thanks in advance.
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    [Ch5] Buang Wan Wan (Exact & Scenerio)

    although this is a remake, i think it is pretty good. the cast were good looking. i agree with everyone, they should've extended this lakorn 1 or 2 episode longer. i would like to see more scene of fang and puri, they were cute together. never though I'll see pim play nang'rai, because she...
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    the overall of this lakorn is alright. the best thing about this lakorn is the relationship between the pra'nang. 
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    Best Bie Sukrit Drama???

    Koo Gum all the way. It's a classic. 
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    I just got started on this lakorn and omg it's not what i had expected. i can't remember when was the last time i watch a ch5 lakorn. so far this lakorn is good. like everyone ( i hope) i am always looking forward to Idd and Gorya's scene. i think they're doing a pretty good job as newbies. 
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    What nationality is everyone????

    100% Hmong. Born in Thailand in a refugee camp but raised in United States. Speaks Hmong but can't read and write in Hmong 100%. Understands some Thai through watching Thai Lakorns/movies but can't read or write in Thai. My father and grandfather speaks Thai and Laos fluently. Only my father can...
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    Tsov & Tsuv 2012

    my family (speaks white and green) enjoyed watching this movie. it's kinda rare to see/hear people speak green (hmoob leeg) in movies. this is a must watch. i luv watching movie about white and green hmong. i actually learn new things/words that i never knew or heard of.
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    1975 Hmoob Poob Teb Chaws

    the preview looks so interesting. I'm getting myself a copy next time i go visit my local hmong store. i hope they have it. too bad i just found this preview or else i would've bought it at fresno new year or sac new year. :(
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    Thep Asornwin (Ch.3)

    this is a great lakorn. I rented it a couple years back. i wish the renting store didn't shut down so i can rent it again.