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    who did Xa Thoj married?????

    so did they get marry after she film nkauj nab siv ceeb? wondering cuz most hmong or all hmong girl/actress, when they get married, they stop acting.
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    who did Xa Thoj married?????

    she okay match for him. I saw a comment on one of his music video on youtube that stated, he got married to a girl from the US, but I guess its not true if he is married to the girl from nkauj nab siv ceeb.
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    who did Xa Thoj married?????

    where can I find or see the video, cuz heard he got married to the girl that sang with him, but still see her do movie so just want to know.
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    who did Xa Thoj married?????

    any one know who xaab thoj married???? really wants to know.
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    Can someone teach me how to become a better Nyab Hmong?

    being a nyab is very hard espicially if your in-law are really traditional. It's true they will piss you alot but you just have to ignore them and do what is right. if ever anything is to come up the elders from your husband side of the family will see it and if you have been doing your part...
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    Thanks! :>

    Thanks! :>
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    OMG...Check it out!

    very nice and talented. Keep up the good work!
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    ntxawm lis

    my aunt from MN came down during new year and told me that she is close relative to Ntwawm Lis's family. She said that ntxawm lis got married to Tub Yaj, and that she is going to have a baby soon. I don't know if this is true but my aunt claim ntxawm's sister told her the info.
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    New Stuff..!!

    Just a curious thought, is there a way to dl the edited pictures/projects to your pc?
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    Minneapolis police: A mistake, an apology and then medals

    I heard about this incident, but I did not know that the officers were being award. I don't know the whole story but I also don't understand why the officer were being awarded :huh: . It said that they were being awarded for being brave. According to the story I heard, I don't see anything the...
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    question about converting WMV

    thanks alot for the help! :D
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    Need help with picture slide show

    I made a picture slide show with some of my picture that i took over the summer (DVD format). I accidently delete all the pictures. i want to know if there's a way to get the pictures from the dvd I made, if possible. Please can someone help me!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!
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    question about converting WMV

    I have some movie in wmv. I want to burn it into dvd but it won't let me. It said that I have to convert the file to a recordable file. can anyone help me out. thanks in advance.
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    I'd been married for 7 years and still feel like I just met my in-laws today. For those of you who had bad experiences with your in-laws, I totally understand. I know that there are good in-laws out there but from my personal experiences, I felt in-laws take advantage their daughter-n-law...
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    Donnie Yen

    Anyone know if Donnie's movie Kung Fu Master 2 is a new movie because the pic look very different. Also has anyone seen it yet. I found it through and it has no subtitle. Just a curious thought before buying it.