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    ❤️[CH3] Tiwa Sorn Dao (Kantana Evoulution) Chippy Sirin / Puen Khanin

    Hey i don't mean this in a bad way but what is a preak aura? I see a lot of people taking about that. Isn't it better to be a good actor vs having an aura but can't act? I feel like sometimes we pass up good lakorn's because the actor or actress does not have a praek or n'aek aura but might...
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    if you have the link to watch it on youtube or anywhere can you please post it please please please :mellow: :unsure:
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

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    Top Award 08'

    you all need to keep quite, do you know what she had to go through to cry in jai rao <_ :angry: you know you can;t act like she does and it's very hard also i think aff is a beautiful and talented actress and fits the title of best actress she won in 2007 and i think she has a lot of chances...