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    Thaiflix shutting down... how do you watch your thai shows?

    WHAT THE HECK?!!! i went to thaiflix to put on a lakorn for my mom and now it says i have "ZERO" credits!!! I paid a one year membership and it doesn't expire until Feb 2019!! Anyone have this happen to them too?
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    Thaiflix shutting down... how do you watch your thai shows?

    Noo!!! I was researching because i noticed that Ch7 lakrons are not on thaiflix anymore.... now they're closing down? What am i going to do?!!! What is my mom going to do?!
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    [CH7] Sampatan Hua Jai (Mummai) : Weir Sukollawat / Thisa Varitthisa

    Hey! I was going to watch this on thaiflix but all the ch7 lakorns are gone! Anyone know what happened or where i can subscribe to watch this lakorn?
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    It's been a while...

    It's been a while...
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    SUBBED!!! even with really awesome English voice actors, the original is always better b/c there are some things in Japanese that just can't be expressed properly in English verbally.... so always go with SUBBED!!
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    [jodorma] Rich Man, Poor Girl

    i just started watching this last week and i'm really enjoying it! mainly due to Oguri Shun's hottness in here!!! Aibu Saki is really pretty in here and looks super chic with her pulled back hair...i really hated her in Buzzer Beat, so i haven't watched anything of hers since then...but i'm...
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    ok...i just started watching this lakorn two weeks ago b/c i heard it got 7 episodes i thought, "hey, it must be really good for them to extend it that many episodes".... so i watched it...and omg.... i don't think i've ever found Weir as hott as he is in here!!! always...
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    [SBS] Rooftop Prince

    i made a mini movie MV for BuYong/BakHa & LeeGak/TaeYong's love story... sooooo freaking touching.... you guys have to watch it! i spent 3 days on it and i am really happy with the end results!!!]
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    [SBS] Fashion King

    i am so glad i did not even bother to watch this drama from the start b/c i would be fuming mad for days after the finale!!! i don't know what the heck the writer was thinking...but this drama was a mess and the ending was just lame... even though i didn't watch it, i still thought it might be...
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    [tvN] Queen In Hyun's Man

    how could there be no thread for this drama yet? it's freaking awesome!!! go watch it people if you guys haven't yet!!! http://www.kimchidra...-hyuns-man.html
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    [SBS] Rooftop Prince

    hey ppl, i made an AWESOME mv for the leads, so check it out! spent 3 days on it!!!
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    [Pics]Chai & Vicky's Wedding Day! 5-4-12

    everyone's getting married!!! but i'm really happy for Chai and Vicky! they seriously make a awesome couple! and they're both tall too!
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    [Ch3] Mook Liam Petch (Pau Jing Jong)

    i agree with you all on Jason's acting! OMG! you guys cannot imagine my expression when i saw him went to his gay lover and took off his shirt... i fell of the chair, not believing what i'm seeing... i knew he might be in love with Rome's character, but it didn't prepare me for it... whew...
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    [Ch3] Mook Liam Petch (Pau Jing Jong)

    same thoughts here! i think his Jason's character is in love with Rome's cuz he gets all mad and jealous like whenever he sees them together being all LOVEY-DOVEY (T-Ara's song reference here...hehehe)!!!! what i also enjoy is that it doesn't take forever for us to see sweet scenes between the...