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  1. krisayaporn

    [OneHD] Leh Ratree (Exact)

    New lakorn from Exact, it's remake lakorn. In old version, starring is Pepper, Ann Alicha, Pong Nawat and Mod 3G.   In new version, starring is Sean Jindachote, Esther Supreeleea(She is freelance now), Jett Jetpipat and Gybzy Keerati.    Main couple is Sean and Esther, and supporting couple is...
  2. A

    [Ch5] Sud Sai Pan (Exact & Scenario)

    Thanks a million to member suk13_karn @ Spicyforum for the news.   FINALLY!!!!!!! My Vill is confirmed for a new drama; I've been waiting forever to hear such news. Here's what suk13_karn wrote @ Spicy:     Hmm...I will be fine if New is really her pra'ek, but I was hoping for someone better...
  3. K

    [Ch5] Buang Wan Wan (Exact & Scenerio)

    remake (Captain & Pin) credit from : thai wiki Jui
  4. K

    [ONE HD] Ban Lang Mek (Exact)

    New from twitter.... Meybe for next year...
  5. K

    Bu Ngah Na Fon (Exact & Scenerio)

  6. K

    [Ch5] Paap Ataan (Exact) ภาพอาถรรพ์ / Parb Artun (Mystery picture) Genre: Ghost/Mystery