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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [ONE31] Sin Lai Soh (The One Enterprise): Kaimook Snickke / Kang Vorakorn

    Scriptwriter was the same one behind top-rating 7PM dramas "Nam Fah Lam Kaen" and the currently-airing "Dong Phaya Yen". This is probably another 7PM drama. https://pantip.com/topic/40619449
  2. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] Tayat Pan Kao Nieow (The One Enterprise): Tai Orathai / Phai Phongsathon / Kaimook Snickke

    This serves as follow-up to their successful pairing in "Monggut Dok Ya" / "Crowns of Grass" (which was One31's highest-rating drama ever before it will be toppled by the currently-airing "Soot Rak Sap E-Lee". Shooting is said to start around March. This will probably air around 2nd half of next...
  3. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] Nang Fah Lam Kaen (The One Enterprise): Kaimook Snickke / Toyy Pathompong

    Saw this thread in Pantip. Looks like another country drama for Kaimook which serves as the follow-up to One31's highest-rating drama for 2019 "Siang Euan Sateuan Dao". Both her dramas have the same director. https://pantip.com/topic/39550793 Kaimook commented on the director's IG post.
  4. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] Siang Euan Sateuan Dao (The One Enterprise): Kaimook Snickke / Point Cholawit

    It looks like this will replace "Laila, Thida Yak" sometime this July. Trailer kinda reminds me a bit of "Sai Noi Roi Lan View" (the drama starring Xiang Pornsroung and Tongtong the Star that aired before L,TY).
  5. Maricon

    Eye Kamolned, Great Warintorn and Kaimook Snickke (24/7 City Magazine September 2016)

    Credits as tagged More photos/scans will be added as soon as it is available