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  1. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    [CH3] Sai Lub Lip Gloss (Broadcast) : Boy Pakorn/ Namtarn Pichukkana/ Prang Kannarun/ Panjan Kawin/ Gxxod Itthipat/ Mild Lapatlan

    Source: Didn't see a thread on this, but this lakorn is definitely going to happen next year. Khun Nong recently confirmed it. IF there is a thread let me know so I can merge.
  2. lia mays

    DJ Push and Esther Supreeleela

    I love watching Thai movies since a few years ago but I recently got into lakorns. The first lakorn I watched was U-Prince: The Handsome Cowboy and I wasn’t so sure about it at first but as episodes pass, I started to like the chemistry between Push and Esther—only to find out that both are in...
  3. krisayaporn

    Drama issue of Ken Phupoom - Esther Supreeleela Vs Sean Jindachot

    Today, it has drama issue when Ken Phupoom posted quote picture that mean to curse someone that “Selfish people often mistake selfishness for strength. It takes no talent, no intelligence, no self-control, and no effort to sacrifice other people for your ego.” and write short caption that...
  4. P

    Burnt Sugar

    First time making a topic on AF and also writing FanFics. I just went through my camer roll and saw their pics randomly so this is one of my random dream pair. I edited these pics on my own, but credit to original pics are found on AF.
  5. M

    Ken Phuphoom Gets Ordained into Monkhood

    CR: Gossipstar/ Sanook  See more.