1. maimyang

    [Song] “Love” by Jana Kramer (2014)

    I hope one never stops believing in Love. This music video to the song is great.. it shows love, not only romantic love between couples. But love between family members like mother and daughter. Love between nations. Love for others another race, ethnicity, age, social class, and so forth...
  2. Baubai

    Toomtam Updates!?

    Toomtam is filming with Jannine Wiegel!!?? WHAT!? What are your thoughts!? I'm actually super excited! They're such a cute pair!!! What are some updates on Toomtam!? I am not Thai so it's really difficult to find anything in English on Toomtam! So far, the things I have searched and caught...
  3. A


    (Hey so a little note, I don't really know about this fan fiction but if I really like it I will continue it, if I don't feel it later on I will discontinue.) Sawongmaneerin Amromdee, or just Manee for short has been studying abroad in America. She is 25 now and has just returned to her home in...
  4. nkaujhmoob08

    My Letter to god:

    God you are the most greatest thing in the world. You are the light that guides my way. You made me realized how MIGHTY you are to me. You taught me how to love and hurt and to let go. And there are reasons why it has to happens. It just tells me that I am becoming a better and stronger person...