1. nklue1

    4 Hua Jai

    4 Hua Jai Mark Prin as Mark Pongpipat Boy Pakorn as Boy Pongpipat Kimberly Ann as Kim Ratchaya Mint Chalida as Mint Ratchaya Genre: romance, drama
  2. A

    The Fake Marriage, The Real Love?

    Genre: Romanic Comedy/Drama   Cast:   Toomtam as Nat  Vill as Karna  Mark as Pete Kim as Jan  Nadech as Win  Yaya as Lalin    Synopsis:    Nat is the typical player, and rich boy, you know. You get the girl, spend time, then dump her as if she were garbage. He's always tried to hit on Karna but...
  3. T

    Surprise, I Love You! - A 4+1 Superstar Fanfic--- COMPLETED

    Just a short little love story for Valentine's Day. Hope you guys enjoy it!   Surpise, I Love You! Surprise, Phom Rak Khun!   A 4+1 Superstar Fanfic   Starring: Yaya & Nadech, Kim & Mark, Margie & Boy, Taew & Mario, Toey & Ken P.   Summary   This year for Valentine's Day, the guys want to...