1. Kiaraloveny

    FanFiction - Likit Rak:The Crown Princess (My Delusions)

    NY are my daily inspiration, encouragement and happiness to life and for sure my daily dose of laughter and smiles. It has been a long journey admiring them and now that they have publicly accepted their relationship it makes me the most happiest :icon12: I wanted to write a fanfic for so long...
  2. annmott

    The Other Side (NY Fanfic) - Complete

    A/N: Hey guys! New NY fanfic in the works. So I've been thinking of the plot where it would fit the theme that I wanted (Don't get too excited but it was the one with the friends with benefits). :celebrate16::risas3: The original plot was for someone like Ms. Gee (my ultimate girl crush) to...
  3. N

    Behind The Lights

    Behind The Lights (Nadech & Yaya) FanFiction "The Managers, The Cameras , The Shows, The Fame, The Publicity, The Flashing of Lights and The Cheers from fans for Nadech and Yaya . What is it really, Behind The Lights..."