noona neungtida

  1. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] Nee Sanaeha (The One Enterprise): Nus Nussaba / Noona Nuengtida / Ice Paris / Pete Thongchua

    There's a post in Pantip listing down all the ongoing and upcoming projects of One31, and I came across this: I haven't found anything about "Sunset Sunrise", but I saw some posts from @artexact in IG (who's said to be directing this drama) He has a post with Lilly, with the hashtag...
  2. D

    Album Koo Kum

    Love this version of Koo Kum super much. The songs from this version 2013 matches the characters from the lakorn very much. Gun's song is called, Kum Sunya (the promise), it's about the promise Angsumalin made and more about how Vanus feels. Noona's song is called, Halm Jai (holding back my...