num sornram

  1. inbetweener_guy

    [CH8] Wiyan Phaesaya (Goodboy Entertainment): Namtan Chalita / Cheribelle Lalalin / Fai Weluree

    Others in the cast are Num Sornram, Nampueng Natrika, Khem Lapaslada, Tong Pakkaramai, Ohm Thitiwat.
  2. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[CH8] Phariya (Deemak Production): Nike Nitidon / Ice Amena

    I didn't realise there's no thread for this yet. Anyway this was originally for PPTV with Art Phasut and Green Ausadaporn as the leads, but was moved by the producers (led by actress Namfon Kullanut) to Channel 8 with some changes in the cast. Now, it's Nike Nitidon and Ice Amena who are in the...
  3. inbetweener_guy

    [Amarin] Bangkert Klao (Change2561): Num Sornram / Pock Piyathida / Ice Amena / Iang Sittha

    One of the dramas Change2561 is producing for Amarin34. Looks like a remake of Nok and Sam's drama.
  4. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[Amarin34] Samee See Thong (Change2561): Num Sornram / Nus Nussaba / Fluke Krekpon / Katreeya English

    Change2561 produced this drama for Amarin TV, and this premieres on July 13th (Saturdays/Sundays).
  5. L

    [GMM25] Club Friday The Series 7 : Hayt Gert Jak Kwarm Ruk

    [GMM25] Club Friday the series 7   There will be 7 short series with 7 pra'nang   1. "รักลวง" Num and Amy Amika (currently airing)   2. "รักลองใจ" Ruk Long jai/Love Test Toomtam and Mo   3. "คนขี้เบื่อที่รักเธอ" Sean Jindachot   The rest doesn't know yet . They will reveal them at  press...
  6. S

    [Ch5] Likay Likay (Exact)

    Pranang are Num Sornram and Paowalee
  7. N

    [Ch5] Pik Marn (Exact & Scenerio)

    credit: from wiki EXACT
  8. Alice

    [Ch3] Look Tard (Tv Scene)

    "ทีวีซีน"คว้า"เคน"ลงละคร"ลูกทาส" ท้าทายฝีมือใช้นักแสดงหน้าทันสมัยเล่นพีเรียด Khun Pin said this lakorn will done by September pra'ek is Ken Phupoom and n'ek not sure yet 
  9. K

    [ONE HD] Ban Lang Mek (Exact)

    New from twitter.... Meybe for next year...
  10. T

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    Chatchat got the copyright. Let's see who he will choose I say yaya or matt would be a good choice   ---   Edit:    Link to part 2: (staring Esther Supreeleela)
  11. Cupid Candy

    [Ch3] Meu Prab Por Look Orn (Choulumpi)

    Vicky and Num reunited since Yord Ya Yee Credit to SpicyForums
  12. T

    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    this lakorn will be for 2012 credit to
  13. J

    [Ch7] Nam Sor Sai (DaraVDO) : Kob Suvanant / Num Sornram

    This new confirmed by Supitara Namchai's facebook and she is the one who works for CH7 Pra ek isnt confirmed or which company it is she does say it. She only said Noon next drama after Kha Kong Kon is Nam Soa Say น้ำเซาะทราย because a fan asked her. I dont know about the meaning of this title...