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  1. sanda

    [CH3] Sarb Sorn Ruk (TV Scene): Krating Khunnarong/ Nychaa Nuttanicha/ Mai Charoenpura

    I wasn't able to find a thread for this lakorn, so...
  2. Koy123

    [CH3] Wasana Rak(Maker K): Nychaa Nuttanicha/Ice Panuwat

    Title: wasana Rak(Destiny Of Love) Starring: Nychaa, Ice Panuwat, Eye Koranid, and Yorch Yongsin The ost sounds really nice!
  3. D

    ❤️[CH3] Plerng Prang Thien (Good Feeling Production) : Toey Pongsakorn / Nychaa Nuttanicha

    Sorry I don't know the title. Here the title name: เพลิงพรางเทียน (hope someone can translate. Book cover: They have the fitting today: Link to see photos:
  4. D

    ❤️[Ch3] Duang Jai Nai Montra (Broadcast Thai Television) : Tono Pakin / Nychaa Nuttanicha

    To Tono and Nychaa fans they going to retinue in this lakorn: source to link: Title: ดวงใจในมนตรา Book over: Waiting for more update.
  5. D~D

    The 2017 Sudsapda Ladies

    cr. Ig
  6. D~D

    Nychaa Nuttanicha & Patricia Good-Covers 2017 PRAEW Magazine :Issue 908

  7. D

    [CH3] My Hero Veeraburus Sood Tee Ruk Series (Cholumpi Production)

    CH3 is doing a new series call " My Hero วีรบุรุษสุดที่รัก." Here are the cast who going to be in this new series. The company that is doing this series is Cholumpi Production.   When everything is confirm who going to be in which part I will make a separate thread for this series.      Caps of...
  8. D

    [CH3] Cupids Series Part 6 : Kammathep Sorn Kol (Broadcast Thai Television) Nychaa & Tono

    Title: กามเทพซ้อนกล  / Kammathep Sorn Kol (part 6 of 8) Also known as: Duration: TBA Genre: Romance / Comedy Popularity: Top Rated Air time: TBA Broadcast network: Channel 3 Broadcast period: TBA Theme song:   Producer: Add info here Director: Mai P.wat.P. Screenwriter: TBA Company Name...
  9. Alice

    Nychaa Nuttanicha&Bow Maylada (IN Vol.11 no.242 April 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  10. Alice

    Nychaa Nuttanicha (PLOYGAMPETCH Vol.24 no.556 March 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  11. Alice

    Nychaa Nuttanicha (CHEEWACHIT Vol.17 no.394 March 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  12. Alice

    Nychaa Nuttanicha (KULLASATREE Vol.44 no.1056 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  13. Alice

    [Ch3] Sapai Jao (Broadcastthai)