1. ImmaSingaholic


    “BAD BLOOD” - 'YADECH' FAN FICTION by ImmaSingaholic       Posters made by myself :) Hope you guys like it!     Characters : Barry Nadech Kugimiya as Derek / Tawan Patsucherak Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Nutcharin Patsaporn (Rin) Kimberly Ann Voltemas as Patcharee Patsaporn (Pat) James Jirayu...
  2. T

    Contract Affair *RATED-R* ❀CH. 8❀

    Contract Affair Authors Note: I just finished the drama Sud Sai Pan, and was really disappointed in the end, so I decided to make a more "romantic" story with both of the stars: Vill Wannarot and Toomtam Yuthana as the main characters. However, if you guys want to imagine someone else, then go...
  3. nkaujhmoob08

    My Letter to god:

    God you are the most greatest thing in the world. You are the light that guides my way. You made me realized how MIGHTY you are to me. You taught me how to love and hurt and to let go. And there are reasons why it has to happens. It just tells me that I am becoming a better and stronger person...
  4. lynnyang

    A Wistful Heart (Coming Soon)

    Title: A Wistful Heart Also known as: My Longing Heart Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Action Chapters: ...
  5. nikki1786

    Man I Slept With

    Synopsis: Carlos married Sam to save her from the 'supposedly fiance'. She was a childhood friend, a best of friend and he respects her for that. But he didn't expect that she would give up herself to him during their honeymoon. But after that night, he needed to leave her because of his work...