1. G

    Ruk Tuer Dai Mai?

    Top: A police man from earth. He's a total playboy and hs broken hearts of many girls. A playboyish tricky person on the outside and seems to be tough, yet inside a very soft and friendly person. He loves to annoy Wawwa and fight with her because it's just his nature. Wawwa: A tough fiesty girl...
  2. O

    Neua Mek 3 (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

    Well hearing that Nok will make another sequel of nuer mek 2 so making Nuer Mek 3, Instead of Drama he will make it into a movie, YAY M&M first movie. Same cast.
  3. aikoden

    [Film] 71-Into the Fire

    i dont think this has been posted yet.. anyways im pretty sure many of you might have known that T.O.P. aka Tempo from BIG BANG is in a new movie starring alongside Kwon Sang Woo in a war movie called "71-Into the Fire". From the t-ser, it looks pretty well done. I'm actually anticipating for...
  4. Hiatus

    Big Bang Official Thread

    THE BIG BANG OFFICIAL THREAD that's it for now the update -.-" my profiles arent so pretty probably gonna change it again wahahaa