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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [?] Jao Sao Nai Sai Lom (Change2561): Unknown cast

    Looks like P'Chod got the rights to this novel. Some names speculated to be leads here are Esther and Green.
  2. inbetweener_guy

    [ONE31] Unknown title (The One Enterprise / Team Art 999): Unknown cast

    There's a post in Pantip regarding the possible next project of P'Art ("The Love Proposal" and "The Curse of Saree", amongst others). Unfortunately I can't get the title as the image is sorta cropped. https://pantip.com/topic/41343217
  3. CTR

    White Lotus

    This might be a fan fiction but it might just be a collection of my writing that I'm putting today for my novel.  Most if not all are rough draft as the editing comes later.  If I could cast someone to play the main protagonist, I would choose Nadech as he is very versatile in his acting.  I'm...