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  1. Lyly_isthebest

    A simple future (nadech + yaya) fanfic

    Hello readers, Umm well as you can see from the title I'm a huge fan of yadech couple and I just suddenly got this idea out of nowhere but it was something I could imagine happening, like I felt the possibility of something like this happening was quite high and well it overwhelmed me so I...
  2. T

    Fah Rai Dao (The Sky without Stars)

    Yadech fever suddenly hit me. I know, I know, it's super DUPER late for me to catch this but hey... I can't imagine this story without them. I know I have other ones like this but I recently got inspired by a new storyline... :D Anyways, unless I say so, I'm not dropping any projects. I AM...
  3. S

    Cupid's Mistress-One Shot-Myth #2

    CUPID’S MISTRESS Continuing on with One Shot Love Story, the Yadech.com sisters are very imaginative and again I instantly start my brainstorming. JJinx has the just of it; I only wish I can be a small shining light for her candle! JJinx you are my inspiration to pick up a pen! Here I...
  4. S


    TWICE IN A LIFETIME Chapter 1 “Pinky swear na P’ Nadech?” the sweet looking teenaged girl about to turn sixteen looked at her best friend. She entwined her finger with his. He was a very mature boy for his age and she vowed in the near future they will more than friends. He...