❤[CH8]Dong Poo Dee (Samunkarnlakorn): Smart Krissada/Nutcha Jeka/James Ruengsak/Puifai/Nok Usanee


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First time I heard an actor is in a remake of his lakorn that he is pra'ek and playing one. I don't know....


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See I thought maybe he'd switch to Chatchai's role at least. This is the strangest casting choice.
I thought so to, I even thought I was just reading a very very old article from the remake with Taew, but when I saw the date, I was like uh.. lol The article literally titles "Dong Poo Dee, bringing Smart to be the pra'ek once more, 8 years pass by and still handsome." LOLOL. This is super strange.

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Oh come on. Who in their right minds thinks this is a good idea. Plus, this lakorn was one of P'Off's best, no way a channel like ch8 can even get close to what he did.


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This is silly why would they cast same praek to play in the same role for this remake lol it’s a remake. Plus this lakorn isn’t that old and they already remaking it.


Uh that’s just weird! Remake with the same actor? What are the odds? Plus no thanks to Smart. No offense but he’s just not p’ek material anymore. Not that he was to me from day one. He’ll make a decent dad role though! Lol :p


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Still amazing to me someone thought this is a brilliant idea. I thought channel 8 has a bit of guys so why resort to smart when he was already in the role previously. Now, I did tolerate him and Susie together. He was as stiff and somewhat monotone in that lakorn but I managed to finished it lol.


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i just watch this new version, smart character is bit more different from the old one. In the old one they make his character really mature and not so much interaction with the Taew . In version its seem like he have more interaction with the n'ke and his character seem to be a lot younger vs the old, but all the actor in this version is not as good as the old one. Will continue to watch it and see how it go lol.


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haha i was so confuse at this post. honestly no actor would take the offer unless it gets adapted to film or vice versa hahahahahahaha just shows that mart is not actor material... he really was never a good one from the very beginning of his career. i still dont see the appeal other than being easy on the eyes with his physical look.